Man Impales Face on Rebar

Man Impales Face on Rebar

No idea how this happened but we haven’t had a good impalement in a while. Actually, we haven’t had any kind of impalement, good or shitty.

I always wondered how something like this would feel. However, I’m not curious enough to find out. Well… not today anyway.

Props to the Pink!

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13 thoughts on “Man Impales Face on Rebar

  1. @obli a lot of these happen in South America, particularly Brazil. Due to high crime rates, many in the favelas use fences made of rebar, and many of those have sharpened points. I have heard that sometimes the horizontal rails are even coated with vegetable oil, increasing the risk of a thief slipping and impaling themselves.

  2. He seems well composed and the way he hastily keeps rubbing his throat & keeps up to silently doing three hail marys makes me wonder if he was up to polishing his singing skills .
    Choices people make to clean their gullets with are some of the worst ideas if Jim Adkins is to be mimicked .
    I suggest It better be some long wired hokey pokey brushes in place of the
    nasty rebars or girders cause for an upcoming Brazilian idol this is all that matters.

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