Man Sucks at Killing Himself

Man Sucks at Killing Himself

This is an older video so you may have seen it before but I think it’s worth watching again. A man attempted suicide using a shotgun but failed miserably. Looks like he had the gun in his mouth when it fired and blew off almost all of his face. I know doctors and nurses have to do everything in their power to save a life but sometimes in situations like this I don’t think it’s worth forcing him to live when he clearly wanted to die…that’s just my opinion though. I’m not sure if he survived but if so I’d love to see how he looks now after being put back together.

Thank you to Pinky!!

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25 thoughts on “Man Sucks at Killing Himself

    • Ha! Sucks to be him, he ain’t worth saving, especially if he walks out and tries to do it again. Props to the paramedics and ER staff that come across some mistake like this and stay calm and cool. If you walk into something like this, it’s like where do you start? I’d shovel dirt on it.

        • Hey Bro @blucon Right on, just like in the recent post about abortion, we see how valuable life is. This guy attempted to abort himself and his face looks like an abortion. Not much value there. As kids, they would tell us in Sunday school there’s a special place in hell for suicides l wouldn’t tempt fate ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • @borntorun I just can’t dig in deep and seek answers as to why the precious life the people are bestowed with sometimes have these suicidal tendencies .People who commit suicides are cowards as they cannot cope with certain extremities and fight back to win over . It ain’t that hard if they get counselled and try .

  1. I think in Chuck Palahniuk’s Beautiful Monsters there’s a bit about suicide mishaps like this one where some in the medical field refer to them as “flinchers.” The ones that are really determined grasp the gun tightly under their throat, to the temple, in their mouth etc. and get the job done as they say. The ones that are unsure tend to not point at a lethal area or pull away at the last second and just end up making a mess. My bet is that is the case with this guy. But if he was unsure before he now has at least one reason more.

    • I’m sure he took the front parts out, the body/brain can still function, even with severe trauma. You need to sever the brain stem to be %100 sure. Shotgun put in mouth and tilted slightly upwards, amateur he was!

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