Maggots Feast on Scalps

Maggots Feast on Scalps

Tis Monday and today we’re gonna keep it simple and focus on some good ol’ maggots. Maggots are fucking disgusting but I think we should all show a little appreciation because they sure help clean up a nasty, rotting mess. When watching these kinds of videos I always wonder how long they’ve been there because they grow so fast. Is it a day or two? Weeks? Do some leave and new ones take their place? For some reason, the first guy digging in his ear and coming out with a wet finger afterwards grossed me out more than the maggots.

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33 thoughts on “Maggots Feast on Scalps

    • Maggots (to me) always seem to be smiling, or at least appear relatively content judging by their little faces.
      Which leads me to a question – And i REALLY am hoping for answers from all who read this, as well as blucon ( no offence meant, Blu ).

      So, Which is the “front” of a maggot? Is it the kind of flatter end, with the apparent “face” – or is it the pointed end?

      The perusal of such questions and their potential answers are one of the only things that make my life worth living…. or at least providing some of the small points to my meagre existence

      • First up sweet bud@karmen40 all I wanna ask ya as to where have ya been these past few weeks ……cause though ya were out of sight but ya weren’t out of my mind.
        Live maggots of certain species of flies have been applied since antiquity as an effective means of wound debridement. the rest of the others attack crops , foodstuffs, spread microbial infections, and cause myiasis..also maggots can be a threat to household pets and livestock, especially sheep.
        Take it any which way which is to say a maggot is a maggot and I wouldn’t know what in depth answers ya are looking at but for now we will leave it at that .and have our cuppa coffee

  1. holy fuck…I thought for sure it was a dead body until I seen him the fuck do u not get medical attention before this…no neighbors or friends or just people to say hey bro you have fucking maggots living in your head

    • @infinitaabysso I believe the maggots were intentionally put there to clean the necrotizing flesh from the healthy tissue since maggots only eat dead flesh. So it’s best when trying to clean out wounds of that magnitude. They’re sterile when added then turn blackish when they’re full. Remove, repeat. Even if they were already there it’s still a good thing. Me personally? I don’t fucking think so but I also don’t live in a third world country

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