Terrorist Attack On London Bridge

Terrorist Attack On London Bridge

This is still ongoing and not much info is confirmed yet, but earlier tonight(June 3rd) around 10:08PM local time, police in London received reports that a white van intentionally plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge. After running down several people on the bridge and continuing to Borough Market, witnesses said at least three men got out of the van and started stabbing people with what looked like machetes while screaming, “This is for Allah!”. Several people were also reported stabbed in a nearby pub. When police arrived they shot dead three of the attackers but it’s not yet known if there were more. So far, 6 people are confirmed dead and 48 injured. I will update the post if I receive any more info.

13 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack On London Bridge

  1. Sick fucking Miserable Muslims
    Is it what’s indoctrinated by their religion in to their evil minds and hearts to hate all others and accept only theirs
    This is the price Europe has to pay for giving them refuge unconditionally.
    Flush them out before its too late .
    What’s for Allah is to gobble a pack full of live grenades …… burp and fart his way out to kingdom come .

  2. London bridge is going down… going down… going down… London bridge is going down… my fair lady!

    The second video trully pisses me off… “Yeah mate… focken’ idot mate… its not mooslems… its another isolated case where the attacker happens to be coincidently another mooslem…” what a fucking cock gobbler mental retard! Go ask them who they kill for then, ohh wait, he doesnt need to! When they come for their wives or their daughters, parents, grandparents and slaughter them right in front of their eyes, they’ll be hearing it right out of their mouths shouting “ALAH SNACKBAR!!!”… Yeah i bet it was those fucking buddhists this time, didnt they? Or was it the hindus doing it? Ohh wait, its the radical christians, i bet. Fucking wastes of oxygen… how are they be able to think and breathe at the same time?

    • I don’t know ? what the hell going on anymore but seems like there’s a major wave of this shit sweeping across Europe…which Cuntry is next?
      Funny how majority of everyone here in States is against Trumps travel/illegal immigrants ban,yet look at what’s happening. Soon fireworks will be banned cuz second people hear a boom it’s gonna be pandemonium.

      • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman, indeed there is a major tidal wave of shit sweeping across Europe, it’s a wave of Middle-Eastern and African natives surging in, bringing their underdeveloped cultures and their greed with them. Our European governments are supporting this by giving these intruders free houses, healthcare, jobs, education, furniture and all else while the autochthone Europeans are left with nothing. No exaggeration, this is how it goes now, the European countries are speckled with flocks of unwanted strangers from third-world countries, who don’t wish to adapt to our cultures. There is even pressure on our own cultures, we are currently being encouraged to adapt to the strangers, not the other way around!! I’m not a Trump fan, but this much is clear: having your country and culture flooded with mega-herds of hostile, parasiting third-world, brown-colored invaders, which even get supported by the government, is a very bad idea!

      • My sister told me that some comedian said that “Back then, for one to be a terrorist, you had to learn how to pilot planes and hide box cutters up your ass… Today, any moron without a driver’s licence and an Hello Kitty sissor is a terrorist…” , i belive that the meaning of the message, even though it varies from person to person, all of them are right.

    • This is so easily to fix, just send all the muslims back to the sand pits they crawled out of, but our leaders in all our great white lands have been paid off by the vile rat jews to open all our borders and let these freaks in our lands so we simple people have to live among them not them behind their gated guarded communities, we should send all these muslims to israel where they belong with the jews.

  3. Draw mohammed. Who’s with me? Let’s start the tradition of Blasphemy Sunday where we draw pictures of deities that are unflattering or better yet straight up rude. Q’urranosaurus Wrecks, Shakespeare’s MoHamlet or PooTurban O’ Clock. Fuck religions. Monotheisms especially. Especially Islam. Fuck em hard right in their stupid asses.

  4. Anyone else catch this..on the third video at about 2:20 mark you can see guy filming first video till about the 2:40 mark,he even casually glances ovehead down to film the carnage close up at about 2:37,maybe a fucking terrorist supporter filming aftermath for his isis brothers..also i noticed them walking around in full muslim attire,if i was the cops i would of rounded all those fuckers up in sight…there overrun there now it seems,maybe too late for them and us,the lax migration shit there and here has doomed us i fear.sorry to rant just my 2 cents,if thats worth a damn,✌

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