POV Abortion – Little Guy Gets Wrecked

POV Abortion - Little Guy Gets Wrecked

Interesting video here gives us a POV perspective of an abortion.

The little guy that is eventually popped free doesn’t even look real, let alone human. However, it is soon ripped to shreds as it is removed.

Has RGM been condemned to Hell? Find out in next week’s exciting episode!

Thanks, @mrspink.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Obli is Pro Choice. However, I do not speak for everyone here at RGM.

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42 thoughts on “POV Abortion – Little Guy Gets Wrecked

    • My, this video certainly puts a new light and different perspective on sucking life out into a sink. I’m pro choice and all too, but this was a difficult watch.
      @blucon Ha! The poor little bud did appear to have a snout there. Agreed that she conceived only to abort out of who knows what the circumstances. Sad that abortion is used as a latent form of birth control. And now the US Pres. wants to cut birth control funding for the poor, brilliant :O. I would like to thank all the girls in my junior high and high school class that said “No” ’cause birth control wasn’t discussed as casually as it is today 😉

      • @borntorun Bro
        I hope ya are gonna pardon me cause I went an extra mile with my remark but all in a lighter vein
        To put it this way I think this abortion in all probability could be the result of puppy love out of some weird infatuation where the two weren’t in a wed lock and simply were startled to find there was another life taking a form . hence they chose the easiest way out .
        ‘Child abortions are illegal and ought ti be banned .
        Yes ya made a point there as discussions on these kinda topics in the present times is way too casual.
        This video may have its emergence from Brazil .

    • @blucon If you look carefully at the beginning of the video, notice that when the instrument approaches the sack the baby is in, there is another sack right above it. She was carrying twins. The one that aborted does appear to have a severe cleft lip/palate situation going on. By the doctors doing it laparoscopically, it seems that this fetus was specifically selected for abortion r/t to its disability. By doing it this way, instead of the usual D&C, it allows the remaining fetus to remain safe.

        • @blucon Yes, I was a nurse for many years. My favorite place was the Coronary Intensive Care Unit, but I also worked in the Emergency Room.(Thus the gore need and why I am here at RGM). I’ve also worked at a long-term ventilator facility and even a county jail in the States.

          My OB experience was learned on the job when I helped set up a maternal care center in one of the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt. That’s where I gained the most experience working with pregnant women. The husbands were getting all worked up because more and more clinics were closing because there were not enough women to work in them. The men didn’t like male nurses touching their wives. I joined up, moved there, met up with other expats from all over the world and we did what needed to be done. It was a blast.

          You are most certainly welcome. Glad I could help.

  1. This is so incredibly sad. My problem with abortions these day is a lot of women (not all) are using it as some kind of birth control going back multiple times for abortions. And now fucking dumbasses expect the rest of us to pay for their abortions, even though some people don’t support them whether that be religious reasons, moral etc. How about you stop being a moron and learn to use a fucking condom or get on the pill or any other means of birth control. Don’t make me pay for your shit because you couldn’t use your brain or keep your legs closed. Okay rant over…RIP little one

  2. Now the way is clear for another one. Great job, doc! Kiddies tend to ruin a lot of fun. So do morals. And human decency. I like skipping the condom and the pull outs. Much more enjoyable sex. Plus I end up only having to be an asshole to one woman, instead of to a woman AND a kid.

  3. “I have noticed that all people for abortion have been born”
    -Ronald Bullshit Reagan

    I’ve noticed that at least a few of the 30,000+ casualties in the contra conflict in Nicaragua were born too. Nobody cares.

    “Why is it when it’s us it’s called an abortion but when it’s a chicken it’s called an omelette?”
    -George Carlin

        • Don’t blame me! I don’t take anyone anywhere. I only do the flat lines and the soul releasings. That language was added to the last collective bargaining agreement after the Black Death finally subsided in 1750. The rest is up to the living. One must be born for me to do my job. This is just medical waste and will be disposed of. That’s the deal as far as my duties go. Keep that under your hat, okay? I wouldn’t want to disrupt the minds of the religious folks around here. They tend to have a tough time with reality. Shhhh… 😉

          • @harumph speaking of religious types is anyone still receiving messages from the Jesus loves you freaks? I got plenty of them a long while back but none as of late. One even addressed me as TW…..little personal don’t you think? I did love the one that decided to go super personal with me so I decided to write back with all the pros and cons of sites like this. The plethora of careers that involve corpses and crime scenes….psychotics vs the curious so on and so forth. I waited for a reply to which I got back nothing and come to think of it I haven’t heard anything since. But I did make it known to the powers that be that this was going on.

  4. I was watching videos on late term abortions this morning and it was horrible. They either chop the fetus’ head off with scissors or stick a tube into its head and suck out the brain so it looks like a “natural” stillborn or some shit. I read that anything past 20-24 weeks already have a nervous system and can feel pain. I’m pro-choice but if these women want to abort, fucking do it early on in the pregnancy instead of when it looks like an actual little person. What the fuck were they waiting for? If they don’t want it, then fucking get rid of it immediately. Everyday that passes is a little more life breathed into that little thing. Better yet, some women just need to staple their cunts shut. Here I am wanting a fucking baby but can’t get one and there they are just scrambling their brains or throwing them out like trash. Fucking pathetic excuse for a human being.

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