Toddler Drowns in a Drain

Toddler Drowns in a Drain

In Samut Sakhon, Thailand a four year old girl, Yossita, died after falling into a drain. The little girl was with her brother at a shop buying treats when he noticed she was no longer with him. He ran home to tell his parents and when the CCTV footage was checked the video showed Yossita walking out of the shop and crossing over a drain cover which immediately gave out from under her and she fell in. Apparently, the cover was cracked but had been placed back over the drain. Rescuers showed up to get her out of the drain but she was already dead having drowned. I don’t know why you’d put a broken cover over a drain when an unsuspecting person would walk across it thinking it was safe.

Thank you to @mrspink for the content and I also want to say happy belated birthday to @re-pete so Happy Birthday Mister!!!!

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45 thoughts on “Toddler Drowns in a Drain

  1. @re-pete Brothers are what best friends can never be. Happy birthday to one such bro which is you.

    Kids are kids happy and playful but imagine who the emotionally hardened bastard was to have left a broken lid over the drain and not reported to the authorities ; that it needed urgent outright replacement .
    It saddened my heart seeing the kid walk over the drain and die .
    Its the plight of poor countries for every one to see .

  2. If they wanted to find out who the dim wit was who put the cover back after cracking it, couldn’t they just rewind that video and find him/her that way? but anyways sad to see a happy kid with candies die before they get to eat them.

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