Tag That Image! #22

Tag That Image! #22

Who needs alcohol when you have the internet? Jesus Fucking Christ, tag that image! And while you’re here check out last week’s winner.


“I identify myself as a gender-fluid-bi-queer-she-male-proto-sexual-pancake-neutered-xenomorph” – @derkopfsammler


“Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me, I’d fuck myself….-Buffalo Bill”


“I call this one ……….. ‘A portrait of mom eating a Hershey bar.'”

@louis (leukorrhea)

“The return of Shaye St. John… “baby want a skin tape sesion”


“Eyes wide shut, deleted scenes edition.” – @stroginuff

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42 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #22

  1. Shaye StJohn is a very beautiful, talented, and (internet)famous model and superstar – Who (after a very nasty train accident) contacted an uber-talented “surgeon-to-the-stars”, who was only too happy (it being Shaye) to use his fantasmic talents to replace the irreparable parts of her body, with those of a “high end Fashion store” mannequin.
    She is famous for her many talents (including the “hand thing”). But this is the first time ive seen her perform in such a state of undress.


    • And give her a try, he probably did,
      Jizzed in her eye, got a glob on her tit,
      But it was a guy from the drop of the zip,
      To the cock in his grip, he wouldn’t stop, it was sick

      Anyone would know, you don’t have to tell me,
      Some things just show and it ain’t always healthy,
      Its blatantly bold, but sometimes it’s stealthy,
      Keep changing the pose, that’s a bro in the selfie…eeeewwww

  2. Wong not big fan of selfie but sometime selfie necessary because only peoples within 10 mile of you stay buried in crawl space under house in little itty bitty pieces or too afraid they end up there if come close to house so Wong understand.

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