Three People Killed in Botched Robbery

A botched robbery at a bakery in Goiaś, Brazil left three men dead. Two men came inside with the intent of robbing the place. They draw guns on the man at the counter who actually happened to be a military police officer who has been identified as Luciano Pereira dos Santos.

Luciano attempted to overtake the robbers which resulted in a exchange of gun fire between the two robbers and Luciano and his partner. One of the robbers was shot dead as well as Luciano and a bakery employee. Luciano’s partner took a non fatal hit and finished off the one skinny twerp. The second bandit had fled the scene and is being hunted.

Thanks, @mrspink.

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15 thoughts on “Three People Killed in Botched Robbery

  1. Sad to see a good guy die, but at least he took one of those scum thugs with him, RIP Luciano and bakery employee. Who would of guessed working at a bakery would end in death by a thug robbing the place, I didn’t know they made enough money that thugs would risk their life to rob.

      • Well obviously, though not relevant. This guy served his country, trying to make other people safe, and got killed because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He tried to take the robbers down to save the shopkeeper, as he could have just walked away. In my honest opinion that’s not something to make fun of, not in that way.

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