Men Get Throats Slit and Tossed Into Pit

Retro Gore - Men Get Throats Slit and Tossed Into Pit

Older video but worthy of another look as it depicts Nigerian Soldiers rounding up and killing members (and suspected members) of Africa’s Muslim terrorist group, Boko Haram.

The men are pulled out of a line up one by one, they are laid down and their throats are systematically and unceremoniously slit. None of that Muslim Allahu Akbar goat fucking bullshit for 20 minutes. Each man is let to bleed out a bit before being tossed into a pit with the others.

Thanks, @mrspink.

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19 thoughts on “Men Get Throats Slit and Tossed Into Pit

    • I know I probably sound like a broken record r/t men just lying down and let some other man cut his throat, but DAMN! There’s no fucking way I’d do it voluntarily. No fucking way in hell. I’d get my short, fat, ugly, white, fat lady ass off the ground and run like Satan was chasing me. I just don’t see how they do it. Terrorist versus Muslim or visa versa, I don’t give a fuck. I’m never going to go softly into the dark. I admit I would be such a freaking coward that they’d either have to shoot me in the back as I run away or I’d have to be held down by all of them. Give up? NEVER!

      • I think that with some of the videos we see, the captors are very frank with their victims. They explain that if they cooperate, death will be somewhat swift, but if they fight it or try to run, death can come very slowly -your choice. The Russian Spetznaz are famous for this practice. If the capture an enemy, they tell tell them up front that they’re going to die. If the captured cooperates and answers their interrogation, they are killed with a bullet to the head. Resist, and they have a list of progressively worse techniques starting with a combat knife to the teeth, and ending with genital mutilation. At some point you just have to accept fate.

  1. I don’t think I ever seen this one, but I did enjoy it, love those sounds after the neck is cut. Reminds me of drinking one of those big slurpees I buy at 7 11, when the frozen drink is almost gone and there is just a little bit at the bottom and you try to suck it up the last bits,,,, yummy

  2. Well thanks a ton @obli for digging in up the archives and bringing in the best .
    I just laughed in the way the pigs were stomped over @ kicked out in to the pit .
    not to forget another gluey part having to watch the pigs walk over to the pit in a trance .

  3. Anyone notice at 3:04 one of the guys trying to breathe through a severed windpipe making some kind of blood bubble gurgling noise? Check it out, it adds a slapstick-y comic relief to whatever the hell’s going on here. But if they were Boko Haram I’m fine with this. Fuck em.

  4. Too many people i agree with here to mention.
    Fuck the moslem headchopping scum. They are accepting their fate as they also know they themselves have done and would do worse.The Nigerian soldiers are actually doing a dirty business as honourably as they can. Yes,they have obviously been told ,cooperate or it will be much much worse.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for any allan snackbarist,whether poor and uneducated or not. Fuck them!

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