Audio Recording Of The Killing Of Haile Kifer and Nick Brady

I am going to refrain from calling this a murder for now because I’d rather let you guys decide for yourselves. This is the audio of the Little Falls, Minnesota killings of 17-year-old Nick Brady and his cousin, 18-year-old Haile Kifer. They were both shot and killed by Byron Smith, 65, on Thanksgiving Day of 2012. The original audio tape was recorded over six hours but none of you guys are going to listen to that and I am wayyyy too ADD to listen to it all. So, I am going to tell you where the important parts are, but let me tell you a little about the case in case you are not familiar with it.

Byron Smith was an older man that was constantly getting his house robbed by who he thought was the same intruders over and over. Smith called the cops every time and they did nothing but tell Smith to “upgrade his security”. This caused Smith to begin to live in constant fear that he would be murdered by intruders in his own home, hence why he set up the recording device in the first place. On Thanksgiving Day, when he saw Nick Brady and Haile Kifer casing his house, he knew they were going to rob him again. Instead of calling 911, he parked his truck a block away, walked home on foot, got his guns ready and sat down in his basement. This is where the recording begins. It starts with Smith talking to himself and he says “in your left eye”, you’ll see the significance of that in a minute. He is also heard rehearsing what he will say once this is all over with. At the 1:02 mark you can clearly hear Brady breaking into a window. At the 3:15 mark you hear Brady walk down the basement stairs and Smith fires several shots from a rifle into Brady and screams, “You’re dead!”. Things go quiet until 10 minutes later around the 13 minute mark of the video when Kifer comes to look for her cousin. Smith sees Kifer walking towards his house and gets in position with his gun once again. You can hear Kifer whisper, “Nick”.. and then she walks down a couple stairs, that’s when Smith shoots her in the arm and she falls down the stairs onto the basement floor. Smith goes to finish her off and his gun jams. He sarcastically says, “Oh sorry about that.”, then pulls out a pistol and shoots her twice in the chest while she screams, “I’m sorry!”. Smith screams back, “You’re dying!” as he keeps shooting her, once in the left eye, grabs her by the hair and shoots her in the back of the head. He then calls her a bitch. A few minutes later he notices that Kifer is still alive, so he puts the pistol under her chin and pulls the trigger.

Byron Smith did not call cops. He did not call for an ambulance. He sat down and talked to himself about what he had just done. What you hear after the killings is hours of Smith talking to himself. He doesn’t call the cops for an entire day. He left the bodies in the basement and went about his life.

Smith was eventually arrested when police found the audio tape. He was charged and convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. So, my question is.. was this premeditated murder disguised as self defense? Or was Smith defending his home and his life because he was so fearful he would be murdered? Why didn’t he call 911 after he shot Brady? There’s ten minutes in between killings, he had time. Why did he park his truck a block away to make it seem like no one was home? There are a lot of questions to think of but the reality of it is.. if the two teens would’ve never committed their own crime and tried to rob Smith’s house, they’d still be alive.

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45 thoughts on “Audio Recording Of The Killing Of Haile Kifer and Nick Brady

  1. I thought a lot about this case when I first heard the recordings a while back and I also think it was self defense. He was in his own home and trespassers came onto HIS property with clear malicious intentions as he had been robbed before. Had it not been for him recording himself there wouldn’t be much of an issue about this. It may have been premeditated but that’s because he was driven to a point of fear and clearly was not getting help from the cops. Why call the police at all when you had previously and they did nothing? I think he had some mental issues beforehand and this didn’t help but like nextie said…if the kids hadn’t been committing this crime then they wouldn’t be dead. I blame the cops for not acting on this sooner. How terrified would you be to learn someone was breaking into your home and when you try to do the right thing by calling the cops they do nothing? I would be in constant fear and I wouldn’t hesitate to defend myself and my property. These dumbass ass kids shouldn’t have been messing with this man’s home and he went a little crazy but he was still in his own home defending himself.

  2. This one’s always been tricky for me to take a stand on. I can see both sides of it, but personally, I lean toward murder. I can put myself in his situation and act it out the same way right up until the after the first shot is fired but that’s where I always diverge in my mind and at that point I’m then calling the police. Maybe a liiiiittle slight torture before the cops get there so I can feel like I taught the kid a lesson and feel like a badass, but that’s probably it. Yeah, going with murder. Case closed, no other opinions matter, putting my fingers in my ears and not listening 😉

  3. In my opinion That is self defense, They shouldn’t have broke in. They were trespassers and got what they had coming, Karma. If they didn’t commit this crime, then they wouldn’t have been killed, they chose to break in.

  4. Sounds like something coming from an horror movie… 😀 Giving life in prison to the man is a bit too much… poor old man just wanted to defend his territory. I heard theres something called “second amendment” in ‘muricah there. 😀

  5. I agree also. Was it premeditated? Sure. Premeditated defense. The recording made some things come into question, but I say good on him. People that invade homes, especially repeatedly, deserve nothing less than to be put down. Sure, he did some things that will be deemed as unnecessary, but the last place someone should feel uneasy is in their own home. He parked a block away and set things up kind of like the movie home alone. Did he set a trap of sorts? Yes. But nobody made those little fuckers invade his home but themselves. He deserves an award, not to be locked away for murder.

  6. Always had an issue with this particular case. Murder, self defense, I can go back and forth all day asking myself which I believe. In reality, it just depends on what mood I’m in. Those kids did wrong. They deserved punishment, probably not death though. We have all been trouble making little twats at least once. The old man? He didn’t deserve to fear living in his home. Should he have set a trap and killed those two? No, I don’t think so.

  7. As a cop in the Air Force, we were taught that 3 things needed to exist to use deadly force: opportunity, intent, and capability to do serious bodily harm . When he shot the first person, he had all 3 bases covered (technically not the latter unless the burglar had a weapon, but the law typically ignores this if the intruder is male and the homeowner is older or female.) However, he should have called authorities right after the first shooting, which may have prevented the need to shoot the female. Even if cops took a while, shooting her once incapacitated her, which removed both her intent and capability to cause him serious bodily injury. Anything after that first shot to her would be murder. At least that’s how I see it.

    • I completely agree with your assessment here. If death or severe harm isn’t iminent, you cannot use deadly force. Yes, the kids were wrong, and this situation is a result of their stupidity. But this guy in essence laid in wait and ambushed them. Both are at fault. Me personally, I value the lives of both parties. The amount of force you use has to be reasonably and appropriately proportionate to the danger you confront. Clearly, he was defending his home. Had every right to do that. But the law does not allow for execution style killings of any kind. Not even for the police. Which is why when there is an officer involved shooting, typically the officer(s) pretty much empty a clip. You always hear that they shot 20, 40, 50 shots, depending on the number of officers. Just to confront the threat. And if you die as a result of that volley, well, that’s the breaks. But once you are down and no longer an imminent life threatening danger to those officers, they cannot then simply walk over and give you the “coup de gras”. The imminent, life threatening danger is no more, and they are then required to offer aid, once they handcuff you and have control of the situation.

      This guy had the right to defend himself, and his property. But was he in fear? Doesn’t seem like it from his own words. What I hear is an angry, frustrated old man who is dead set on getting “even” with these assholes who have unjustly made his life hell. He should have called 911 the minute he knew those kids entered his home. He could have even fired a warning shot, or somehow made it clear that he was armed and ready to use force. And if those kids didn’t heed the warning, or if he authentically felt his life was threatened, shoot to neutralize the threat, and offer aid in whatever reasonable way possible. But instead, he in essence murdered these two kids when he didn’t truly have to. After they were both shot initially, the real threat was over. He could have exited his home, called the police, anything but walk over, talk shit, and execute people begging for their lives. He gets no sympathy for that from me. And he’s where he deserves to be.

  8. Serves those pieces of shit right, fuckem . He had every right to kill those bitches for breakin in his shit, police don’t really give a fuck about break ins anyway, they just show up say their bullshit, leave and forget about it. He fucked up by not callin the police right away doe and recording himself sounding like a crazed psycho loon didn’t help him much either, and how did they find the tape anyway?….I would have done the same thing doe except I would have buried the bodies and they would have never been found. Still they got off pretty easy, wasn’t the cleanest but a pretty quick death all around. Can you imagine what would have happened to dem if it was one of those crazy Mexican narco type peoples house HAHA .Stay out of my castle !

    • He may be crazy, so what? It is not as if he hunted them on the street or lured them I to his house. The young idiots broke into his home multiple times. Law enforcement did nothing to help this man. They got what they deserved. Two rules: people must mind their business and never enter another person’s home uninvited. If the young idiots followed these simple rules they would not have died. Verdict: It’s their fault.

      • You forgot to mention the taunting and execution of an unarmed and wounded female teen(He used a Mini-14 and a .22 pistol). That’s the only thing I have a problem with. Of course anyone that breaks into someone else’s property should be prepared to die. I’m aware of the fact that they had been breaking into his house.
        Could YOU have walked over to her and shot her in the chest after she said “I’m sorry” and taunted her before finally bumbling your shots until putting the .22 pistol under her chin while grabbing her hair?
        They were young and stupid, not niggers that were there to rape a 90 year old woman.

  9. A lowly fucking life and those eyes of his need to get gouged out for committing such a crime .How would he know what the teens were up to .Were they caught stealing red handed ? I don’t think of anything of that sort
    It’s more like the story Byron came about with keeps echoing out sounding so fabricated in trying to save his skin .thank goodness for Mr. Turd having been taken behind bars and the law seems to have prevailed .
    He …………….. SOB could have forgiven them

    • @blucon
      They broke into his house. You can hear the glass shatter. There can be an argument made about how he went about this situation but there’s no question that they broke into his house and considering they had a record of stealing and he had been robbed I think it’s safe to assume that was their intention. Even if they weren’t looking to steal anything they still trespassed onto someone’s property and took that risk.

      • The cops did nothing but tell him to “upgrade his security”, that’s what he did. May have gone a little over the top but as others have said, if the two kids hadn’t broken into his house he wouldn’t have shot them. They chose to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think things escalated past self defence but I lean towards justifiable homicide.

        lol Mr Turd…your posts crack me up @blucon

        • @thedudeabides
          Haha yes he technically did as they said. I think he did go pretty far with how he handled the situation but then I just think of how scared he must’ve been knowing his home had been broken into and some of his guns stolen. I had a suspicious person knocking on my door once acting strange and I couldn’t sleep that night trying to stay awake in case he came back so I can’t imagine this man’s fear after what he went through and got no help from the cops. Fear drives you to do crazy things and bottom line is a crime was committed by those two kids so if they wanna give him some jail time I would be fine with that but that’s a pretty harsh punishment for defending your home and property and catching two people in the act of robbing you. But I definitely see people’s side of he went a step too far and did commit murder.

        • @thedudeabides well its kinda overwhelming to know that my comments crack you up time and again .
          Here for the running story all I have gotta say is that the guy seemed quite itchy about pulling the trigger .
          C’mon man what in the blazes Byron was so scared about ………inherent fears or simply he was visited by a bout of utter madness .
          He took away lives because he heard his glassy window shatter .
          Good for him for cooling his heels for the rest of his forsaken life .

      • Sis@littlefoot alright there is no denying the fact that the teens had trespassed but why did the Moron decided to take the law in his own hands he could have easily called the cops instead and had them gotten arrested and later taken to a juvenile court .
        His eyes say it all about how he shuddered and was so paranoid with every knock at his doors or the windows .

        • @blucon
          I agree he could’ve called the cops after wounding them but he had called the police multiple times before and they did nothing so in a way I can see why he didn’t since they never did anything before. I think he was already a little off his rocker and the robberies made it worse so he probably did lose it but for me the bottom line is if those kids hadn’t broken into his home committing a crime they would still be alive. I think he was extreme with his handling of the situation but they had broken into his home so really whatever happens to them after that point is on them in my opinion. I just have no sympathy for thieves in general.

  10. Shooting the first victim was self defense. Shooting the second victim the FIRST time was self defense, but repeatedly shooting her after he’d wounded her was definitely pre-meditated murder. Lethal force is acceptable is acceptable to defend yourself or your loved ones; however, once you’ve incapacitated the target you stop – any action after that is no longer defense but offense.

  11. I think the first one down fuck him he would’ve died from his injuries anyway without dude finishing him off. As for the bitch seeing her cousin dead was punishment enough. Fucking police do NOTHING anymore so there should’ve been consequences for them as well. I’m so sick and tired of crime paying and people like this guy who are so fucking fed up paying exorbitant taxes only to get absolutely no protection. I if it was me, I’d place bear traps around the areas they like to break in through. Id booby trap the shit out of everything. I’d rather maim than destroy anyway..

    God damnit no videofuck

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