Brazilian Gang Members Decapitate Man And Cut His Heart Out

Brazilian Gang Members Decapitate Man And Cut His Heart Out

Another video of Brazilians cutting out the hearts of people. Wtf, is that the new trend? Members of PCC(Primeiro Comando da Capital) decapitate a rival gang member from Família do Norte, and then cut open his chest and rip his heart out. They then set the man’s head and heart on a banner warning rivals.
Just Brazilians being Brazilians.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

Also.. you guys are gonna so hate me for this but I included a bonus video of Brazilian gang members being forced to kiss each other while being filmed.. to humiliate them. I’m sure a few of you will find this to be the goriest video on the entire site. Happy Monday! 😀

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21 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Members Decapitate Man And Cut His Heart Out

  1. Age old question: does two guys getting it on have the same effect for women as two women getting it on has on men? And are you women as repulsed by two women getting it on as I am by seeing guys kissing? If the “two girls one cup” video started with the two girls demolishing a bunch of stuff from Taco Bell, would that have made it a better video for some?

  2. To me, doing stuff after the person is dead takes away the impact. Maybe not from “normal”people, as the shock value is still there I guess. It reminds me of Scarface where he shoots the guy in the head and continues to cuss at the corpse. You made a mess for a reason, now you’re just playing in it. 🙂

    As for the 2nd video, it only tortures the viewer. If you want to force them to perform a humiliating gay act, make them eat each others’ ass.

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