Young Dude Live Streams His Need For Attention

Sorry for the lack of videos lately guys. My internet decided it wanted to die. Here’s a video to make up for it. I couldn’t stop shaking my head at it at first and then it just got annoying. Some angry teenager was acting like a drama queen and decided he was going to live stream himself committing suicide but he couldn’t get the balls to do it. He just makes several cuts with a meat cleaver while telling his viewers that this is what they wanted, him to kill himself. And honestly.. 20 seconds in.. I understood why they wanted it. 23 seconds in I was hoping he’d hit an artery so I could see his reaction when shit got real. That annoying voice.. and his hair.. I don’t even know what to say about his hair. The video is just one big tease. One thing I do know… this definitely wasn’t over a girl.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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28 thoughts on “Young Dude Live Streams His Need For Attention

  1. Blunt cleaver, he’s also tensing and doing quick strokes so he can have cuts and blood exposed to make it LOOK serious but actually doesn’t feel anything. That’s how I know he’s attention-seeking. This little faggot is deeply insulting.

    • If you think this is “bleeding out and dying” you’ve seen absolutely nothing, we’ve seen people with their entire lower half ripped off them and they be chilling like nothing happened.

      This mere child is in no pain at all and is hardly losing any blood. If he was seriously struggling he wouldn’t do it on record and then post it on the fucking internet, that’s attention seeking. He might have problems, but what he did is disgusting.

  2. What a little pencil neck attention whore. I’ve got more muscle and balls then he does and I’m one nut short of a full set. Boo hoo. Cry me a river. Man up, get a job and become a serf to the elite like the rest of us.

    • @littlefoot How do you plan on going about that? Please don’t follow this poor little emo darling’s example. But you might start a positive trend, it seems like the only ones that get noticed in this medium are the dregs of the gene pool. Let me know if it works and I’ll join fbook to live stream my need for food, water, air, shelter and love and maybe the world will change for the better.

  3. Ahoy ! Gillette has been given run for the money and & it gladdens my heart to see what do we have here with us lately in our kitchens to give us guys the best of close shaves ………..just amazes me and gives me a rock solid hard on
    tell ya what .hhhhhhmmmmmm and I think this chopper blade has snicked me out but that’s alright that’s o.k cause I am slashing through & through for being sick of craning my neck for girls who don’t own a feline .
    leave the guys smelling up & farted and fail at giving a good blowjob!

  4. See what you made me do???!!! All these paper cuts are because all of you are so mean to me. All I wanted is to be noticed by the guy of my dreams. Now I’m just going to sit here and bleed all over my bed. Are you happy now???!!! Just wait til I’m done with all these tiny paper cuts, then you’ll see!

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