Tag That Image! #21

Tag That Image! #21

Another Friday is upon us, Gorriors, so Tag That Image! And while you’re here, check out last week’s winner.


“Hey ! Hey !! Hey !!! me thinks I’m a cat Mr. .MEOW …….. I am staring hard at the
ceiling to see if someone can make me purr” – @blucon


“Ever the equal rights champion, Dave decided to bring the women’s trend of painted on clothes to the male gender. It doesn’t have the same effect, Dave. No one wants you on their swimsuit issue.”

“Whiskey, Bourbon, and Tequila with Crayola markers featuring Zack Galifianakis on FXX.” – @arieskilljester

“Too drunk to fuck…but not too drunk to tux” – @thedudeabides

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37 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #21

  1. He couldnt afford to buy a suit for the party, so he pretended to have one…
    He couldnt afford to fall asleep after drinking all the ponche, so he pretended to be awake…
    He couldnt afford to stay at his friend’s home in an alcoholic coma, so he pretended to be a stray cat…

    I’d say he succeded in fooling his friend.

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