Muslims Beat The Shit Out Of A Group Of Men

Muslims Beat The Shit Out Of Group Of Men

I don’t have a clue what’s really going on here. It looks like a trailer for a gay Muslim bondage porno. I’m not sure where this happened, but I am assuming it’s somewhere in the Middle East. Several men beat and whip several other men with sticks, whips, belts, and the guy in the back is beating the man on the floor in the head with something, it looks like maybe he didn’t survive. No info on if any or all were killed or what they did to warrant this but I am sure it was all for Allah. 🙄

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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10 thoughts on “Muslims Beat The Shit Out Of A Group Of Men

  1. There is a video out there on the interwebs I’ve seen before of some old Muslim dude punishing some teenage boys for being gay by squeezing their nuts repeatedly while they are chained up. It’s quite funny, really. The old man hams it up for the camera, but the screams are for real. I think he may have crushed a few…i should know. 😉

  2. Hahhhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ahh ! seeing these bastards get beaten up black and blue
    just eases all my pains and I don;t need no fucking medicine . and what about the hunters who must get hunted & need to get shunted forever .

    Finally here is a final rejoinder ……………………..
    asking vague questions as to when will all Muslims have a good time with all the virgins and when they are gonna get blown away to smithereens from my blessed Mother Earth
    Earth I love ya ! like all the pretty girls in town .
    I lay prostate and I wanna pray for all the humanity and my chicks especially. the ones & only who are curvaceous enough and milking rivers heavily @ titted. enough to gimme the time of my life

  3. Most likely muslims punishing gays. Am I the only one who finds it laughable that American gays and lesbians are mostly all liberal, and support muslims and islam? Are they so stupid that they don’t realize muslims are out to KILL them all, first chance they get?

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