Dead Body Eaten By Hungry Dog

Dead Body Eaten By Hungry Dog

An elderly man died of natural causes in what looks to be his home and some time after his dog began to eat his body. I’m not sure how long the man’s body laid there before being discovered but it seems to be quite a while considering how little of him is left. The dog must have been pretty damn hungry to eat all the way to the bone only leaving the face, lower legs and a partial arm behind. Even the nasty guts have been consumed. Most likely the dog was locked inside the house and had nothing else to eat or saw it as an easy meal. If I died in my home and my pets were trapped inside I hope they’d make a meal out of my body…it’s not like I’d need it anymore.

Props to our Pink lady!!

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15 thoughts on “Dead Body Eaten By Hungry Dog

  1. Good Boy ! ,ateast he was careful enough in not nibbling his cock and pulling his pants down to reveal his scrotum .
    In all probability the canine must have suffered pangs of hunger for days and decided to go after his Master’s meat and thought of cutting down the costs involved in performing the final rites .
    He was his Man’s best friend and a foe
    It was survival of the fittest after all. !

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