Suicide Bomber Sets Off Bomb At Ariana Grande Concert

Suicide Bomber Sets Off Bomb At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester

Last night, May 22nd, in Manchester, England, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb inside the ticket area of Manchester Arena where an Ariana Grande concert had just ended. So far there has been 22 deaths and 59 injured. There are still several people missing, so I am assuming the death toll will go up. Most of the deaths were teenagers, and the death of an 8-year-old girl was also confirmed. This was somewhere where anyone who halfway knew who Ariana Grande was.. knew there would be mostly children and teenagers attending. I would like to throat punch Ariana Grande every time I hear her annoying voice, but these kids were out having a good time and did not deserve to die because some piece of shit loser wanted to impress Allah and his goatfucker boyfriends. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. There is really nothing gory that has come out yet, but if I get anything new I will update this post.

The first video shows immediately after the explosion. The second video is dash cam footage of the moment the bomb went off.

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25 thoughts on “Suicide Bomber Sets Off Bomb At Ariana Grande Concert

  1. Fuck Islam. First Donald Trump gives $110 Bíllion In Weapons to Saudi Arabia who funds and exports terrorism and now this 🙁 . I feel bad for the families looking for their children. I don’t like Ariana but I feel bad for her too, this could have happened anywhere it’s not her fault.

  2. I will never understand the logic of anyone, Islamic, Christian, Jew, or any other religion, who in one hand says their God is all knowing and all powerful, while on the other hand saying they are doing his will. If God is omnipotent, he doesn’t need mere mortals to do his dirty work. They believe a deity created the heavens and earth, but can’t take out non believers or sinners? C’mon, give me a break. They kill in his name because they like power, and they like killing. Religion is just their excuse.

  3. Remember when these attacks used to happen like once every few years if that? Now it’s happening so often it’s not even a big surprise when it does. The scary thing is that a lot of the perpetrators are people who were born and raised in England so what the hell is immigration control going to change if these people are already carrying UK passports?!

    • It’s all bullshit. This goes wayyyy higher than some ‘isis’ shit. Don’t you guys notice how shit like this happens in clusters when we need to be directed away from big political events??? I know you guys hate bestgore but mark does have alot of good points.

  4. Those sick Bastards were at it again and while them sickos from ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack, less do they know that they are the worst yellow bastards on the face of this earth . Cowards like no other
    And they think they deserve a Hero’s badge for killing concert goers .Why aren’t these counties beefing up security and how could a suicide Bomber could get past layers of security is baffling Were the security personnel schmoozing or were simply paying scant regard to criticality or just dozing off .
    They deserve a good dressing down from their superiors for being this lax.
    As for Saffie Roussos the little angel its RIP LITTLE CHILD

  5. This is nothing but soveriegn terrorism under different pretenses. Why are groups like ISIS sucessful? College kids. They are made up of 3 groups. College kids, war vets, and criminals. If you look at the backrounds of theese guys from all over the world they have one huge thing in common. Education (ironicly right?) Even the Bin Ladens are known educators, Osama himself had traveled the world learning for many years. Theese are all people warped by society. Islam doesnt create this shit. Years of that kid punching you in the stomach, or the 15 years you got handed to from the state, watching your retard officer get your friends killed in a fight you dont support. Theese guys dont know shit about what they “fight” for. Brainwashed and warped or fucked at birth and needing an excuse the end result is the same. Not deffending islam. 99.99% of religion is fucked. Even buddhist monks are often caught in scandals, the tiger temple. Little late on this but yeah.

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