Indonesian Girl Run Over By Truck

Indonesian Girl Run Over By Truck

A 19 year old woman was run over by a truck while working at a gas station. Apparently, after refueling some trucks, the victim sat in a chair and a truck drove over her popping her head like a big fat pimple. Or as the translation said…”the tires already massaged her head better, was crushed”. What a lovely way to say someone got their head flattened. Not the kind of massage I’d go for but I guess she doesn’t have to worry about any future aches and pains now.

Props to our Pinky!!

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17 thoughts on “Indonesian Girl Run Over By Truck

  1. It’s always a bad idea to while away time sitting in a chair while being at the gas station .
    It either is gotta be refueling or something else to bide away the hours but not in a chair
    Inebriated the trucker went
    Leaving the girl’s body mangled
    exploded ,flattened and bent ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

    • Hey Bro @blucon Haven’t seen you around lately, but then I come and go a lot. They just let you out??? 😉 Too bad this workplace fatality was over there, ’cause here in the states, her family would reap a giant reward. This would be a nice fat juicy lawsuit that could lay some wealth on them, deep pockets if this was a major petroleum chain, easy pickin’s.

      • Hey Bro @borntorun Yeah I skipped browsing by some of the previous posts but nonetheless it all got missed out due to some unignorable important worldly tasks which couldn’t be kept on the back burner .Anyway here I am back to boring ya again
        Talking of the fatality ; the family of this girl might just end up getting peanuts for name sake only to appease cause the country she belonged to is forever poor and reaping big fat juicy lawsuits towards compensation is out of question . unlike the US of A as you rightly have said
        BTW How do you do ? Hope ya are doing fine .

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