Retro Gore: Dagestan Massacre

Okay, a couple of you requested this video, so here it is. I honestly didn’t watch it again. I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times and that’s about enough for me. On September 5th, 1999, 500 armed Chechen militants crossed into Dagestan, where only thirteen Russian soldiers were on guard. The Chechens took over the border village and seven out of thirteen soldiers fled, the other six chose to stand up to the Chechens. The Chechens told the men if they surrendered they would be held as POWs and would not be hurt. So that’s exactly what they did, they surrendered. What happened next is in the video.

I’m going to put a translation of what’s going on. I would’ve put subtitles but there’s already a shitload of watermarks. I couldn’t find one without watermarks but with a video like this really doesn’t matter. Knowing what they are saying makes it even worse. In one part.. a young soldier even calls for his mom. This is probably in my top three most brutal videos. The good thing is that every man but one in this video that had a part in killing the Russian soldiers are now dead. The gore starts around the 3 minute mark.

Russian soldier is laid on the grass
Chechen rebel with the knife: “Turn around”
Russian moves slightly sideways
Chechen rebel off camera: “LAY DOWN!”
Chechen rebel takes the knife out and leans towards the Russian
Aleksey Lipatov: “You dont need to cut me. I’ll tell you everything.”
Chechen rebel with the knife: “what are you gonna tell me?”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Go ahead talk”
Aleksey Lipatov: “I’ll tell you where its located”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Where is it located?”
Aleksey Lipatov points towards a hill with houses: “There in that house”
Chechen rebel with the knife: “What?”
Chechen rebel off camera: “What is in that house?”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Weapons and ammo”
Chechen rebel with knife: “Where? In that house?” and points
Aleksey Lipatov: “Yes from there”
Chechen with knife looks at his combatant
Chechen rebel off camera: “Hes lying…”
Chechen rebel of camera: “Lay on the ground”
Chechen rebel with knife: “What else you have to tell us?”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Where are the weapons!”
Aleksey Lipatov: “What?”
Chechen rebel of camera: “The weapons and the ammo.”
Aleksey Lipatov: “On the top of the mountains”
Chechen rebel with knife: “Where?”
Aleksey Lipatov: “There on top.” and points.
Chechen rebel with knife: “Are you sure?”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Yes, yes.”
AK shots are fired…
Following the conversation, the Chechen rebel with the knife doesn’t want to behead the kid and backs off.
Chechen rebel says in Chechen: “What do you want me to do?”
Chechen rebel off camera “Just cut his head off.”
Aleksey Lipatov: “There it’s right there.” and points.
Several Chechens yelling all at once: “Leave him alone and come back!”
Gun shots area fired from an AK.
Chechens continue yelling after a Russian runs away: “Leave him the alone. Come back already”
Chechen rebel with the knife: “Turn around”
Chechen rebel “Take off your belt.”
Chechens of camera: “Come on cut him up”
Aleksey Lipatov: “You don’t have to.”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Just cut, I’m up already.”
Aleksey Lipatov: “You don’t need to, please …”
Chechen rebel hits him with belt
Chechen rebel: “All right come on!”
Chechen rebel with Adidas jacket: “Hands back!”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Please don’t!”
Chechen in Adidas: “Hands back!”
Chechen in Adidas: hits him in the face “I said hands back!!”
Russian is hit with an AK.
Chechen rebel of camera: “Quickly, quickly.”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Please, lets talk…”
Chechen rebel with camera: “HANDS BACK! you fuck”
Chechen “fuck the belt”
Russian hit with the rifle
Chechen rebel off camera “Just fucking cut him already!”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Please, I don’t want to die.” they wrestle
Aleksey Lipatov: screaming” I DON’T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!”
Chechens: “cut him”
Aleksey Lipatov crying: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE PLEASE!! You are very good people, please!”
Chechen rebel with camera: “Yes, we are very, very good people. THE BEST”
Chechen: “get the knife”
Chechen punches the Russian in the head a few times
Chechen rebel with the knife “Stop fucking hitting him”
Chechen rebel with camera: “You gonna live in the grave city”
Aleksey Lipatov “MOM! MOM!”
Chechen rebel with camera: “Torture him”
Aleksey Lipatov: “I WANT TO LIVE!”
Camera man with sarcastic tone: “He wants to live!”
Aleksey Lipatov screaming. Fight 3 on 1
Aleksey Lipatov: “Come on fellows… I just want to live”
Chechen rebel: “CUT HIM NOW”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Leave me alone!”
Knife cuts through his throat.
Aleksey Lipatov is kneeling and gets butted in the head with an AK rifle.
Chechen rebel with the knife to the guy with the AK: “What the fuck are you doing, fuck off!”
Chechen rebel with knife: “I’ll do this myself!”
Slitting Aleksey Lipatov’s throat, stabbing him in the neck over and over and over until Aleksey Lipatov dies.

Thanks to @Uniballer for reminding me about this one.

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22 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Dagestan Massacre

  1. Damn brutal…never a good thing when ya hear them chant Allah Akbar,while your face down waiting your turn to be inTERROR’gated. I’m sure it’s terrifying as fuck,but they had to know they were gonna die…so when they hands untied ,and looked liked couple of them tried,but they should jumped up and grabbed the and bite that fuckers nose ,or eyeball clean off their face,shoved the blade in Chechen throat. easier said than done but in that situation,but ya gotta go for that moment there’s no mercy,no god,no acceptance of death or apathy,it’s fuckin kill or be killed!
    Rather die trying instead of just lying there getting stuck,head sawed off.

      • I hope they met an end as vicious and brutal as they put these men through. However, even though on the surface it may seem strange, the ones who relish inflicting terror and torture the most are the ones killing in god’s name. In the words of Voltaire “If we believe absurdities we will commit atrocities”. Most of them probably just got a bullet in the head from the side that pays for it’s own ammo and learned how to aim their guns.

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