Man Receives Treatment For Burned Hand

Man Receives Treatment For Burned Hand

It’s Monday AKA my least favorite day of the week. Today we have a video of a guy who got burned by coolant and as you can see suffered some pretty bad burns. The doctor cuts away at the blistering flesh to reveal nice pink skin underneath. I’m sure that hurts like a fucking bitch but the guy is taking it like a champ. I’d actually love this job…probably all those years of peeling skin off of my family members’ sunburned backs.

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9 thoughts on “Man Receives Treatment For Burned Hand

  1. Son of a bitch! Just peeling the skin off a regular blister hurts so bad! I can’t imagine how bad this stings! I guess Percocet is some pretty good shit ?

  2. Damn, I really did wonder if he had any vision problems too, oh well…
    This video is impossible to watch without wincing. If you say you didn’t, then you’re just…. lying!

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