Tag That Image! #20

Tag That Image!#20

Running late as fuck tonight, my apologies. But let’s get this shit started and Tag That Image, Gorriors!

Also, check out last week’s winner!


“Heeeere comes the bride… dead, cracked and dried…” – @blason


“A little KDry jelly should keep it working.” – @re-pete

“Go to hairdressing school they said, you’ll meet interesting people they said…”

“Til Death do us part…my hair and trim up the back and sides sonny.”

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41 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #20

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  2. Till death do us part! Till death do us part! We’re fucking dead! We’re part! I want My Miley Cyrus, bitch! No, you can’t make me stay with this old hag. 64 years I stayed with this bitch! I’m dead now,and I want my reward!

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