Richard Rojas Runs Into Crowd Of People In Times Square With His Car

Richard Rojas Runs Into Crowd Of People In Times Square With His Car

Yesterday, in Times Square in New York, a 26-year-old man named Richard Rojas plowed into a crowd of people with his car killing one 18-year-old girl and injuring 22 others. Family and friends say that Rojas had been slipping deeper and deeper into his mental illness and had severe paranoia. He was in the Navy for four years, and when he returned is when his family says he had become a different person. Rojas also had a problem with alcohol and drugs. He has given several reasons for his actions but police say they have no definite motive or reason why he chose to do what he did. The 18-year-old girl that was killed was Alyssa Elsman. Rojas has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and aggravated vehicular homicide.


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19 thoughts on “Richard Rojas Runs Into Crowd Of People In Times Square With His Car

  1. What happened to the street justice that this guy deserved?? He should’ve been bloodied or pretty beat up at least.
    NY is way too soft!
    I suppose the girl that was killed may have been the one in the cross walk at 1:08 in the first video.

  2. @iCthulhu @re-pete Yup the pussification of America is shown here: waaah I’m Richard Rojas I’m depressed,I have PTSD cuz I was in the navy and I may be a fag,or I dont like Trump so I’m gonna run people over. People on street should of ripped him out of car and kicked and beat him within inch of his life like in Brazil…instead seemed like most people here are like them fuckers in China,not giving a shit,and more interested in checking their Facebook status on cellphone.

  3. The abnormal SOB caused a total mayhem .He drove around knocking people off as if they were rag dolls . A mentally retarded shouldn’t be allowed on the wheels his place is in the Psychiatry ward .
    Well for now all the cops can do is to thrash him up & redden up this buffoon’s butt like a baboon and tie him up in a cage in a zoo for children’s amusement
    He ain’t driving no more and licence is the word he can well forget in this pissed up life of his .

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