Pretty Indian Girl Hangs Herself

30-year-old Aanchal Pandi was found dead of an apparent suicide in her apartment last month in Dehradun, India. She was married to a prominent businessman named Rahul Pandhi, who owns the Himachal Times newspaper. He claims he found her hanging in their apartment, but the woman’s relatives think the man killed her. Apparently police also thought it for a minute because he was taken into police custody but was later released. I don’t know if the man killed her or not but I understand the family wanting to place blame on someone. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that your family member or someone you were close to was that unhappy that they chose to end their life. But it does happen.

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18 thoughts on “Pretty Indian Girl Hangs Herself

  1. Naa seems fishy to me, I think she either found out he was having a affair and was going to grass him up, or he was abusive and she was going to report him, either way I think he must have killed her.
    Such ashame she seemed like a decent woman.
    So I’m thinking that the guy with the shades is her husband, he looks like a asshole from his face, he needs a proper Indian police beating in a cell to make him talk, it’s seems as if he has no remorse for the loss.

  2. Seems suicide, but theres no way to determine it unless someone finds signs of struggle on the body. The height to where the body is isnt convincing to rule it as its cause of death, but for someone to have lift to body that high would need to have help to do so.

  3. I knew a guy who swore his wife shot herself in the head. But everyone who knows him thinks the fact that his story changing all the time indicates something fishy. The two of them were alone, so no one else alive knows for sure… If the local prosecutor can’t build a convincing case for court, it’s likely someone’s getting away with murder. It happens.

  4. Naaaa !!! Doesn’t sound like a viable starting to me… I think what really happened is that the boyfriend was a world-class prick and verbally abusive to her and psychologically and mentally abusive to her and while making her think that he loved her so much while she really did love him so much he got her head so Twisted believing that she wasn’t Worthy of even his love that she committed suicide out of desperation. …

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