Retro Gore: Los Zetas Behead Woman in Pink Shirt

Retro Gore: Los Zetas Beheads Woman

Like I said a couple days ago, I am going to be adding a few older videos to the site because I’ve noticed people searching for them. So.. I’m going to put as many old videos as I can on the site this week so all the classic gore videos will be in one place and people won’t have to search for older videos online in a million different places. If you have any certain videos you guys would like to have on here, please don’t hesitate to let me know and if I can find it.. I will definitely put it up for you.

This took place in Mexico and was carried out by Los Zetas. The woman was supposedly beheaded for cheating on her husband but who knows the real reason why. I’m betting she was just as much involved in the cartel as her killers were. They do behead her pretty fast which is rare for Mexican cartels. They’re usually slow and use a butter knife. She does end up pissing herself.. but considering the situation.. who wouldn’t?

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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24 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Los Zetas Behead Woman in Pink Shirt

    • The first gory beheadings I saw on video excluding movies were the finishing moves on Mortal Kombat and its sequels. We were actually able to execute ( 😆 ) those successfully with the codes from the books and magazines.

      “Fatality!” *drip drip drip*

      Then there was Eugene Armstrong on Ogrish or whatever that site was called.

      And of course, don’t forget all the movies with beheadings and the Shogunate in feudal Japan during the 1600’s, where they would behead someone merely for a perceived slight and execute criminals by testing and grading the sharpness of katana blades.

      Good times. They should bring back the guillotine, if only for efficiency’s sake. Rehabilitation in modern prison systems is a disgrace and a failure and has been since day one, but I digress.


      Everyone here should know the story of Dr. Gabriel Beaurieux in 1905 and the guillotining of Henri Languille. If you don’t, read up on it. Fascinating experiment, that.

    • My first beheading was a double feature. Two Latino men, one of them fairly young, and the other was old enough to be the first one’s uncle. They were kneeling against a wall. There was a brief chat and then, coming in from the right side of the screen came a chain saw. That chain saw actually cut the younger man “by accident ??” and to this day I can’t figure out how he didn’t scream out in pain. Then the younger one lost his head too….by a machete I think.

      As a matter of fact, I am always noticing that those who are about to lose their heads rarely resist or scream out. Are they drugged ? Are they resigned to the fact that it’s coming? Are they convinced that where ever they are heading to will be better than where they currently are?


  1. The Iraqi close-up beheading video is a good one. There’s also the 3 Mexicans who get beheaded but one screams a lot.
    There’s an iraqi/Afghanistan execution mash-up video that has a guy in a blue sweater that gets beheaded like a boss.

  2. The unique thing about this video, in addition to her being an attractive lady with big boobs, is her eyes are still moving and looking around after her head’s been removed. Makes me wonder how long a victim’s mind is aware and comprehending after the blood supply is cut.

    • @xizangone I’ve read about the French claiming that selected victims were asked to blink their eyes for as long as they could after getting beheaded, and the blinking allegedly lasted for up to 30 seconds in those cases.
      Winking or rolling their eyes might have worked better though.
      Isis can still experiment with this, help figure this out at least.

      • I imagine that a normal person is in shock from before their actual beheading, so maybe the mind is seized up or frozen in fear and panic at the time. But on some level, wouldn’t a person be still thinking and comprehending, until everything slowly fades to black?

  3. This is a classic for sure! @yournextexgirl I would really like to see that one of the young Russian soldiers we mentioned a few posts back. I think that one would be one level higher of “holy shit!” than most of our newer gorriors have seen. Unbelievable cruelty, especially with the sound on.

  4. This too was my first actual real beheading by knife video that I’ve seen that wasn’t censored or claimed to be fake, like what was floating around with the Nick Berg beheading video and that CIA was involved. This one was pure and loved how she never even screamed. The only scream we here is that fake scream that the guy did at the beginning of the video.

  5. First behead vid was from fod 1 or 2 back in early 90s,fat Iranian or Saudi uses a huge sword ,tourist passing through happened to catch it on home video supposedly, most fod shit was fake but not this one..this is a classic vid i member this one,this vid always fucked my old lady up in the head,also one of like six or seven some are old ladys and one is pregenant and naked they use a chainsaw i believe its a cartel vid from way back, shout outs if anyone rembers that nugget of gore..

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