Pit Bull Leaves Man Bloodied in the Street

Pit Bull Leaves Man Bloodied in the Street

Pit bull attacks are no joke. When they go beast mode, they mean business. Like this poor chap found out when attacked in the street. Luckily the guy survived with the intervention of some passers by. Don’t know how they got it off him. He must not have been interested in killing, just letting the man know who was boss.

Anyway, we’ve got two violent dog encounters tonight so how about the Gorriors lighten the mood a little and share stories abour their furry friends doing funny shit? Every dog owner has TAILS to tell!

Thanks, Pinky!

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20 thoughts on “Pit Bull Leaves Man Bloodied in the Street

  1. Simple, my sister’s boxer tried to get ahold of my arm one time, I grabbed that bitches paw and started to twist it, oh boy did she let go in a hurry!

    Just do that when one is on top of you trying to eat you, only break it if it means your survival, and that dog will have no choice but to let go. There’s no need to look like this guy here or many other with no face.

    Or just carry mace every where you go!

    • Pitbulls are different my man. We had a kennel of them on our farm when I was a kid. My “pet” T-bone was a pit and he was awesome with almost everyone but black folks…dont ask me my my dog was a racist. I’m not racist, I hate everyone. Anyway the only things he didn’t like was my black friend and other dogs. Pitbulls will keep on coming with their guts hanging out or a limb hanging by a thread of tissue. My dog, who was not a fighting dog, was from a champion bloodline of fighting dogs and he killed his daddy, and a brother from the same litter when he got loose one time. My black friend had the idea of twisting his paw and ended up with 40 something stitches when the dog bit down harder and started shaking him. This was his own fault, as he tried to pet my dog while I went in my house to get something, and it took me being very careful with a breaking stick to pry him off. If you own a pitbull it’s absolutely necessary to have several breaking sticks and knowledge of how to use them, even if your pooch has never so much as barked at a stranger. They have a warrior instinct bread into them, and will fight to the death without acknowledging pain if something tells them to kill. I love animals, and that includes the American Pitbull Terrier, but I am not naive enough to consider that a dog bread for centuries to kill other animals might do just that. On top of that if we ever had a dog who was aggressive to people after getting to adulthood I did not hesitate to put it down. Again, I hate to hurt any animal that I don’t intend to eat (like hunting game) bjt I will not give an aggressive dog away to a stranger or to a pound just to get someone else hurt or get euthanized anyway. T-bone bit that one guy who was in his space, attacked his own father and litter mate, and ate a few cats who wandered into our yard unsuspecting. He was definitely a great pet and guard dog, and when he died of old age I was devistated, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t own another one because of how truly unpredictable they can be even if they’re the sweetest animal in the world….most of the time.

      • @deathbyduck87 I enjoyed reading your story, people really love their dogs. My niece has a Rottweiler in size and heft brown/seal color pit bull. He’s so gentle with those sad eyes as her 2 and 4 year old daughters play around with him. I kind of grit my teeth like when you’re about to see a car wreck, but I say nothing and hope for the best. I even hold out my hand and pet him, I can’t imagine him nutting up, he’s a good boy.

        • @borntorun My dad had a Pit named Charlotte when I was a baby and that dog would have killed a motherfucker over my little ass. Dad popped me on the diaper for trying to play in an ashtray and that dog bit the fuck out of him and stayed between us until my mom picked me up. If either of my parents raised their voice at me while she was in the house she would bare her teeth and give a warning growl that would intimidate anyone. So you don’t have to worry about those kids most likely. Pitbulls are extremely loyal and loving. I’ve noticed it’s the ones who are rescued or adopted or old dogs that tend to lash out. I’d never own one that I hadn’t raised up from a puppy, and especially not one who had been neglected. If you’ve raised the dog it’s whole life you have a pretty good idea of what would be a trigger. I knew my dog hated other dogs so I had to take extra precautions to make sure he couldn’t get loose. Also I learned that he didn’t like black folks from the one incident and the fact that he went nuts when he saw the black u.p.s. guy. Other than those two things, aside from him perceiving a threat to me, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

      • @deathbyduck87 I hope I never have to try that on a pitbull for real though.
        If you’ve seen a pitbull still attacking after having it’s paw snapped, then we might be in trouble. The difference in these attacks is that the victims fight scared, not mad. Once you see red, you should be able to beat any dog, or at least not end up like this guy or many others that we’ve seen with their faces all shredded.
        This almost makes me want to challenge one just to see.
        In fact, get a vicious one ready for me, lets do this 😈

        • @re-pete I wouldn’t advise it but if you really want to try it make sure you have a breaking stick handy. You may get lucky enough to deter the dog if it’s a very domesticated bloodline. However, if you get a warrior when that bone snaps it’s game on. I seen dog fights and I’ve seen them attack guys and not let go until someone shot the dog. I had an uncle who fought them and hosted fights on his farm. It’s one of the most brutal things I have ever seen among an animal other than humans. They fight to the death and then it takes 2 or 3 people to pull the winning dog off the dead one. I don’t condone the breeding of any animal for the soul purpose of killing or dying for a human’s sick entertainment. That being said it is amazing what these animals are capable of doing. So proceed with caution and maybe a stun gun stong enough to knock it out if the paw thing doesn’t work…

  2. We raised a litter of ten Dobermans when I was young and wound up with four adults including the female that had the litter. I was never safer than with those four adult dogs and we enjoyed the safest property in the neighborhood during their whole lives. Hosing them off outside during the summers was the most fun, watching them bite at the water stream from the hose. They were the shit with popcorn, balls and frisbees, too. You had to be quick getting the frisbees out of their mouths because once they bit hard on them, they put teeth marks in them than would cut your hand if you played with it after that, and cut their mouths if they caught it, too. That was back when frisbees and tennis balls cost hardly anything. Tennis balls lasted about fifteen seconds. Hard to find smarter animals.

    Good times.

  3. Piece of shit yardsharks are the reason I carry a big can of wasp/hornet spray, an aluminum tee ball bat, a revolver, and a knife just to go for a bike ride.

    The dumpster wolf is an incredibly ignorant creature.

    Cockroaches would make better pets, as they are smarter and cleaner. I have never seen a cockroach need to wear a cone around its neck just so it won’t chew on its own ass until it dies.

    Everything in a dog’s life revolves around its ass and what comes out of it.

    The only creature that is possibly less intelligent is the owner of the yardshark.

    They always blame the person tbat gets bit.

    They should be fed to big cats at the zoo, along with their dumpster wolves.

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