Kids Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other

Kids Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other

Okay, so this ain’t gory but I thought it was funny. In the first video.. we have a case of domestic violence. Two twin babies, brother and sister, are beating the shit out of each other. The little bratty boy probably took one of the little bratty girl’s toys from her. I don’t know, but the boy needs to smack the girl a little harder or she’s going to grow up to be an entitled feminazi and he’ll become a pussy whipped white knight. Oh shit.. sorry. Every now and then I have flashbacks of being on BG. Kind of like soldiers had after Nam.

Second video is a common game a lot of Asian kids play. @staciejaxx informed me she played this game as a kid and I remember very well that children were playing it when I was in Mongolia. They’re some tough little kids. That one little dude got in a few hard hits. If only adults could play this game without calling the cops. I know a few people I’d love to smack in the face a few times.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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