People Ignore Child Drowning In Crowded Swimming Pool

Unfortunately, here is another child drowning video like this one.. that was recently taken in Vietnam of a ton of people in a public swimming pool completely ignoring a drowning child right by them. I can’t even wrap my mind around this shit. These people are watching a little boy DROWN right in front of them. And the moron filming would rather film than help. What the fuck is wrong with these people? How can you be human and watch a little child drown and not do anything? The second video shows several people half-ass trying to revive the boy, but the child did end up dying. I have no idea how long the little boy was in the pool before a woman sees him and gets him out. After he’s out of the pool and not breathing is when everyone seems to start caring. A little too late though.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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22 thoughts on “People Ignore Child Drowning In Crowded Swimming Pool

  1. It’s kind of a strange way to be drowning.
    He wasn’t flailing his arms out of desperation, head wasn’t fully submerged and wasn’t floating face down.
    Floating face up for a bit almost looks like he’s just practicing floating.
    Even then, I would’ve checked to make sure nothing was going on with him, especially if I was just 4ft away from him.
    It makes me wonder if he had a seizure.

  2. This is a good example of why I fuckin hate human beings. When you desperately need help that would require very little effort from others and still no one can be fuckin bothered… and if someone does finally decide to help… its too fuckin late. Fuckin people.

  3. Sonofabitch, these videos pissed me off! Where are the lifeguards?! Where are the fucking parents?! And how the FUCK did the baby die among mongrel people, who were as unaffected and as emotionally unflinching as they’d be if witnessing the removal a floating turd from the kiddie pool?! These genetically inept forms of human waste should be prohibited from reproduction so as to cease continued contamination of the gene pool. And, of course, swimming pools.

  4. This kind of shit makes me embarrassed to be Asian. The reason they refrain from helping is because they may get blamed for the shit that happened. My super traditional grandma once witnessed a woman across the street being mugged. Instead of calling 911, she closed the fucking blinds! I picked up the phone to call the cops and she told me not to get involved. WTF grandma! I told her how the hell would she like it if that was her being mugged and people saw but pretended like they didn’t. Fucking Asians. And don’t even get me started with their (lack of) driving skills.

  5. Fucking pathetic ass Chinese people believe that if they helped the kid, they will be blamed for something or other. That’s why they always turn a blind eye if it’s not directly associated with them. It’s not their kid so it’s not their loss of something were to happen.

  6. Where was the parents at? That shit kills me how different it is in other countries, I’ve traveled alot with my husband, he works on oil platforms designing and putting camera’s down in oil rigs so I’ve seen all kinds of different shit, China, South Korea, Thailand, and Germany, Paris and Australia, It’s mind blowing on how different other places are, I am soooo happy to be living in the UNITED STATES.

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