Toe Amputated on Diabetic Foot

Toe Amputated on Diabetic Foot

Happy Monday everyone! Today we’ve got a video of a toe being amputated. As we all know diabetes is a bitch and amputation is not uncommon for those who suffer from it. For now, this man only has to have his toe removed. Hopefully, it doesn’t end up being the entire foot or leg.

Also here’s a bonus video….this guy is not only a doctor but a magician. Look at the never ending string of gauze he pulls from the deep, dark depths of this wound.

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36 thoughts on “Toe Amputated on Diabetic Foot

  1. 1st Video:
    That sound of the bone getting crunched?

    2nd Video:
    Instead of putting on gloves, the dude put on his bling… gotta look good for his close up ???

  2. I think I would elect to keep my toe/s in a jar as my personal tribute to the Mütter Museum. Or maybe offer it up to my guests at home for a Sour Toe Cocktail, which I have found to be the best use of a toe this side of walking/running. $500 fine if someone swallows it. 😛

  3. Yep, diabetes is surely a bitch.
    i remember seeing “hung like a mouse” ‘s pictures of his (nearly) half foot amputation.
    These cases could be described as “lucky” (yes, i know, a rather inappropriate word regarding ANY amputation) because my neighbour (a diabetic) first had his left leg amputated just below knee – then a year later,his right leg amputated just ABOVE the knee – and he has just come out of hospital (19 months after right leg amputation) with more of his left leg taken off…about 8 inches below the hip joint.
    He is left with around 8 inches of a left leg, and a right leg down to just above where the knee joint would be.
    He drinks….of course doctors STRONGLY advise against this – and he thinks up every excuse he can to counter the doctors, and excuse his drinking to his friends.
    I shouldnt (i know) but i sympathize/empathise with his need too get blotto-ed to block all the shit out that is going on in his head as a consequence

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