Man Sets Himself On Fire On Facebook Live

Man Sets Himself On Fire On Facebook Live

Late Saturday night, May 13th, 33-year-old Jared McLemore, a musician from Memphis, Tennessee, set himself on fire while on a Facebook Live broadcast. Just like the majority of Facebook Live suicides and murders that have happened recently, it was over an ex-girlfriend. Jared McLemore is shown sitting on the ground where he was outside of a crowded bar where his ex-girlfriend was inside working. He pours kerosene all over his body, lights himself on fire, and then runs off camera into the bar. Witnesses said that he was on fire from head to toe. Jared died from his injuries on Sunday, May 14th.

29 thoughts on “Man Sets Himself On Fire On Facebook Live

  1. All he wanted to do was give her one last hug so she could feel the burning desire that swept through his whole body, unfortunately for him he couldn’t get through the door! Oh well this fucking chode deserves everything he got… I hope it hurt like hell too!

  2. Wait…did he light himself on fire or did someone else? It looked like he got something thrown at his head then suddenly he’s on fire? I confused 🙁

    I wonder how much longer Facebook Live is gonna be up with things like this continually happening.

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