Knife Removed From Man’s Head

Knife Removed From Man's Head

Hey Gorriors. Here’s a video of a man who hot stabbed in the face. No information on the circumstances of the stabbing, but something tells me alcohol was involved. Call it a hunch. Doctor in the video has a little trouble at first with the knife as it’s in his head pretty good but she dislodges it and then the crew sets to work getting him ready for surgery. No word on the condition of his nigh indestructable eye.

Props to the Pink and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mothers of gore!!! ?

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10 thoughts on “Knife Removed From Man’s Head

  1. Damn!…poor bastard really seen the point of things.
    Dr. pulled it out like it was fuckin Excalibur…for a second thought wouldn’t be wild if she just drove into his skull and finishing him…save him time and money of surgery,and having one eye .
    It being most likely from Brazil,should titled “head removed from knife”.

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