Chinese Man Stabs Young Boy For Revenge On Child’s Father && Happy 500th Post!

Chinese Man Stabs Young Boy For Revenge On Child's Father && Happy 500th Post!

This video is from around this time last year. A crazed 54-year-old man going by the surname He, followed a 10-year-old little boy onto a bus in China where he proceeds to sit down for about 30 seconds and then quickly stands up.. turns around.. and starts stabbing the young boy. He stabs the child 12 times before the bus driver intervenes and the boy runs out, dripping blood everywhere as he does. The man had been stalking the little boy and waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack him. He claimed the attack was due to the poor treatment that he received by the boy’s father, a doctor in a local hospital. The man wanted revenge for the substandard treatment he says he received from the doctor and the hospital, so he chose to get it by stabbing the doctor’s son. The boy barely survived the attack.. and “He” was arrested on attempted murder charges.

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ALSO: This is post #500!! Woooo! We actually made it to five freakin hundred articles. I can’t even believe it. I am beyond proud of this site and what it has become. We have had obstacle after obstacle in our way since the day we launched the site but we keep pushin’, and I am very proud of that. I’m proud that we refused to give up even when everything seemed to be stacked against us. And I just want to say thanks to @MrsPink for everything she has done for us. Without her there wouldn’t be much of a site. Also thank you to @re-pete for hustling like a mofo to do everything he did, and thank all of you guys for sticking with us and constantly supporting us through everything. You guys are awesome! Oh, and I’d like to thank baby Jesus and the Academy too.โœŒ

35 thoughts on “Chinese Man Stabs Young Boy For Revenge On Child’s Father && Happy 500th Post!

  1. Why not just stab the doctor instead?
    He’d still be in the same situation right now anyway.
    Thank you Nextie for everything you’ve done to get all this started in the first place. I’m gonna buy you 3 customized extra stuffed taco burritos ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Theres 500 posts already? o.O I honestly thought we were still in the 150’s or something… Anyways congrats! ๐Ÿ˜€

    How the fuck did the boy survived repeated attacks like that though? Was the guy stabbing him in non-vital areas or something?

  3. Maybe this was the guy with the 11 pound poo in him, I’d be pissed too. But for real don’t take it out on the kids ?

    Thank you nextie for all the shit that you do for the site and putting up with my dumbass for this long…love you hoe ?
    And I agree had it not been for @re-pete and his determination to get people here and @mrspink with her bomb ass content it would be a whole different story. I’m extremely happy with the awesome group of members here and all the support they’ve shown. I rove you arr rong time.

  4. The real news heer is obviously the 500, little ang seemed to walk it off just fine.

    Seriously though, i dont know what i would do without yall. It takes a good group of devoted people to keep a site this well maintaned with such kickass content. A save haven for real people all over the world. Real shit no filters. The right way.

  5. Oh shit, happy 500th post! ? Good to see this place still rolling strong after long periods of absence (I know I’m weird like that) you guys have come a long way since the BG days, I’m fuckin proud of you all ?

  6. Congrats on 500, cant wait till we reach 50000000000000000000 videos, thanks to every one that puts time and money into the site, I hope some day to help out too but I guess I’m too lazy to help,, but I will try to not be so lazy…. luv ya all for putting up with me and making me feel at home

  7. Gotdamnnnnn im behind as always HAPPY 500 mofos,bring on 500 terrabillion if thats a real number,whatever @ladybug said.. thanks @yournextexgirl @staciejaxx @deadohiosky @littlefoot @obli @mrspink @re-pete @gorycory …thank yall for the hard ass work put into this…. @harumph @borntorun @uniballer @fukitol @derkopfsammler @deathoverdue @icthulhu @nocuntryforoldpervertedman @blucon @ladywicked666 @stonedrocks @sumtingwong2016 @bannedanna @arieskilljester @amour @thedudeabides @theluvmuscle its like a train wreck drunk best man speech here folks ..basically thanks to all the gorriors and good friends…and ones i didnt get a chance to name,oh ya and fuck bg… VIVA RIGOREMORTIS

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