Unsupervised Toddler Almost Drowns In Swimming Pool

Unsupervised Toddler Almost Drowns In Swimming Pool

So there’s a happy ending to this video but it is still very hard to watch. On Saturday, May 6th in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a little girl wandered away from adults who should’ve never taken their eyes off of her, and almost drowned. The little girl was walking along a step inside of a swimming pool where the water was shallow.. when she walked off of the step and into deeper water. The child was submerged underwater for two minutes until a man finally sees her and pulls her out. The girl did survive and is still hospitalized but doing well. How the hell do you not watch a child around water? It’s just a tragedy waiting to happen. Watch your kids around water, people. And get them swimming lessons so something like this doesn’t happen.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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24 thoughts on “Unsupervised Toddler Almost Drowns In Swimming Pool

  1. I think getting little ones swimming lessons as soon as possible is a really good idea. My mom took me for lessons when I was six and the teacher promised to catch me when I jumped in the pool…he moved his arms out of the way and I sank straight to the bottom. Never trusted that bastard again ? That’s when I taught myself to swim 😆

    Glad she survived, hopefully the idiot parents keep better watch of their child.

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