Guy Has To Have Eel Surgically Removed After Shoving It Up His Ass

Guy Has To Have Eel Surgically Removed After Shoving It Up His Ass

Did y’all think I was kidding when I mentioned weird people putting eels in their ass the other day? Well, surprise.. weird people really do that weird shit. The video is from Yibin City, Sichuan Province, China, and it shows a man who wanted to know what it felt like to stick an eel up his ass, so his friends dared him to do it.. and he did. Apparently the eel didn’t appreciate this and slithered its way as far up into the man’s body as it could. The eel had to be surgically removed through his abdomen. The medical staff probably enjoyed it a little too much and collectively gasp when the big ass eel is removed. Like I’ve said a gazillion times before — people are fucking weird.

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24 thoughts on “Guy Has To Have Eel Surgically Removed After Shoving It Up His Ass

  1. I’m no zoologist but aren’t eels known to be cave dwelling creatures? One could assume that if you harass, and scare the fuck out off, a snake-like creature that dwells in caves and holes that it could be a problem to put the head (or a few inches more) of said creature up ones ass. One could further extrapolate that as soon as said creature gets into the nice warm colon he would feel right at home. I’ve seen some stupid people do some stupid shit when they have consumed large amounts of alcohol…but….a gatdamn eel? I’m not surprised that it happened, at this point there’s nothing a human could do that would shock me, but I find myself wondering that how the fuck people like this haven’t been culled from existence by evolution. In fact, I would say that this would be a great argument for the people who deny the theory of evolution. Oh well…it was entertaining for a few minutes. Maybe someone can talk him into jamming a puffer fish up there and hitting him in the gut. I would love to see the expression on someone’s face with a puffer in their butt. Definitely strange…

  2. Was the eel still alive when removed? Looked like it tensed up.
    @deathbyduck87 yea fresh water eels live and scavenge at bottom of water under muck and mud,and holes. As a kid i lived on property for many years that had a tiny 6’x 6′ oval pond/stream from rain drainage pipe that collected from entire street. and ran for a mile into woods.well oddly tho It was home to frogs,minnows,eels and small trout! I’m sure someone musta put them there years before we got there. But on rare occasion Id see an eel pop his head out at bottom. My point it is this fool should of stood in water ass out,maybe eel would came out on its own.???

    • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman Haha that’s what I was sorta thinking. We have freshwater eels in the river on my family farm. We used to catch them when I was a kid. They weren’t as fun as the alligator gar, as far as being scary looking and violent, but they’re definitely different looking. I’m sure it was probably still alive because of the water and mud they live in. The South American Electric Eels live in puddles in some places and have some sort of air bladder or something of the sort, a lot like a Gar does, that lets them survive for long periods of time out of water. I only wish it was an electric eel up his ass. Although, most likely, an electric eel of that size would have almost certainly killed him within a few minutes or seconds of getting up there. That eel probably could have lived in there awhile, and would have eaten it’s way out. I’m with you as I am certain I saw it move.

  3. Maybe eels are considered natures dildos because they come pre lubed with slime that makes them hard to hold onto. A guy gave me one he had left over from fishing (they are used as bait), when I had a lot of reptiles to feed. I gave it to a small alligator who swallowed it down quick enough, but the thing kept on coming back out of his mouth, because he wasn’t chewing it up enough to kill it. Kind of freaked him out.

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