Retro Gore: 1 Guy 1 Jar

It’s been over eight years since Russian man, Alex Tatarov gave us the weirdness that is 1 Guy, 1 Jar. And thanks to @karmen40 we get to get all nostalgic and shit and watch Alex as he slides his ass down a glass jar like it’s the easiest thing in the world. We also get to see the jar break inside of him and watch as Alex pulls out each piece of broken glass from his bloody butthole. Yeah, I don’t get it either. People are fucking weird.

Thanks to @karmen40!

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33 thoughts on “Retro Gore: 1 Guy 1 Jar

      • Just watched “Ruby Ridge” on netflix. Highly recommend it for thoughs interested in how the government works ?
        Randy Weaver?!!! ( I knew about him long before this haha but glad his story is truly public. FBI fags knew they killed his wife and we’re totally fucking with him btw. Dumb cunts) 1488

        • hi @sexandsuicide . Im interested in seeing that.
          Could you give me a bit more info please? is it the 1996 movie “The Siege at Ruby Ridge”?, or the “American Experience: Ruby Ridge”? or something else?
          I do not have netflix you see, so i will be searching for it via “other” means

        • There’s no limit to how depraved and evil the US Government can be. Just ask any American Indian. I’ve seen ‘trophies’ cut off of Native Americans – US citizens – by the government in massacres.

          I’m an Air Force veteran and have often felt the patriotic thing. But the truth is, any government will brutally fuck over its own people, given half a chance. There’s a real, serious reason the Second Amendment was so important to the guys who wrote the Constitution.

    • I have thought about the possible motives of this guy (maybe too much), and im guessing that his idea may have been to get the jar up his arse..then remove the lid, allowing him to then hold his video camera at the neck/opening of the jar – and get himself a nice video recording of the interior of an expanded gay russian guys rectum.

      Im old enough to know that when handheld video cameras first became available, it was popular for “some” people (….. πŸ˜‰ ) to try and capture video and/or pictures of areas of their body that they couldnt see by themselves.
      eg. “…ive never seen the bit between my balls and my arse, i was just curious..”

      So if we accept this notion, and extrapolate…..

      Like i said, maybe ive been thinking about this too much πŸ˜‰

  1. Did he go to the hospital? Like I fucking hope he did or he’d have been shitting glass from an infected butt hole for the rest of his days…

    • Ha! Comrad glass in the ass could troll some gay bars. Once he found a fudge packer good to go home, let him shove his schlong in that hazardous pit. The ensuing scream would be like the timer on the microwave indicating dinner is ready. Then he can suck blood off that sliced schnitzel to his heart’s content πŸ˜‰

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