Two U.N. Investigators Murdered In Congo By Anti-Government Militia Group

Two U.N. Investigators Murdered In Congo By Anti-Government Militia Group

In March of this year, two United Nations investigators who were investigating alleged human rights violations by the Congolese army and local militia groups were found buried in a shallow grave in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. An American, Michael Sharp, 34-years-old and Zaida Catalan, 36-years-old from Sweden, were found two weeks after they went missing from Kasai-Central province.

The video is of terrible quality, but it shows the murder of both Zaida and Michael. Michael was shot once in the head and Zaida was shot multiple times and eventually beheaded(not shown on camera). It’s believed the two were killed by anti-government militia group, Kamuina Nsapu. Their Congolese interpreter and three drivers who were traveling with them have not yet been found. There have been two arrests so far.

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21 thoughts on “Two U.N. Investigators Murdered In Congo By Anti-Government Militia Group

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