Brazilian Man Forced To Eat His Own Ears Is Then Beheaded and Gutted

Brazilian Man Forced To Eat His Own Ears Is Then Beheaded and Gutted

The only info I have on these videos are that they’re from Brazil. During the first video, a young man is shown terrified out of his mind as his ears are being sliced off. He is then made to eat his own ears. I can’t even imagine what was going through his mind besides, “Maybe they won’t kill me if I eat my ears.”.. but they do just that. In the second video, the same guy is shown being beheaded and gutted. At first the man doesn’t fight back and his killers slowly saw into his throat. After a minute he does start fighting back and feeling around on his throat.. but far too late.

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31 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Forced To Eat His Own Ears Is Then Beheaded and Gutted

  1. I’m pretty sure that if they’re cutting your ears off and feeding them to you there is absolutely no way it’s gonna stop there…

  2. This was brutal! The expression of fear on his face is really off putting to say the least & to dig up in another human beings body & pull out warm guts is…is…shit, i cant even think of the right word(s)! Brutal those Brazilians…

  3. Aww I wanted to see the rest of the videos ? First we miss out on him eating his ears and then miss out on seeing what was left of them in his stomach? What kind of sick twisted fiend would leave out the best parts like that?! ?

  4. Probably the only part that really bothered me was the likelihood that he could have been alive when they started gutting him. I hunted and butchered animals since I’ve been 5 or 6 years old, but couldn’t imagine doing it to anything still alive. Brazilians are cruel motherfuckers…I can’t wrap my mind around torturing anything, or anyone, unless they’ve really,really fucked up (Like raping or murder of a child). If he did rape or murder a child, or something extremely terrible then go bananas. Otherwise, just put a bullet in his head or cut his carotid and be done with it, regardless of how you do it the end result is the same. It just seems like a much worse punishment, to me anyway, to cut his ears and a few fingers off and let him heal up with the threat of further harm…after he’s dead you just wasting your time and energy.

    • iv watched it over and over again he was alive when they started gutting him look carfully at his left arm he lifts it up as they start slicing into his stomach and also you can here him start gurgling violently a few times

  5. Okay, we’ve seen the most fucked up death that Brazil can produce. Let’s go back to Mexico where they hang their victims nude, upside-down, and dismember them before finishing them off with a beheading.

    Or maybe, someone can share videos of feeding live muslims to the hogs.

    • Agreed! One of the old methods of torture/execution involved putting people on an upside down cross then sawing them in half starting between the legs… apparently being upside down kept the blood flowing to their heads and stopped them passing out… now that would be something to watch ?

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