WTF: Japanese Girl Is Suffocated In Bag

WTF: Japanese Girl Is Suffocated In Bag

If it wasn’t weird enough to watch Japanese girls putting eels in their asses, it just got even weirder. I’ve seen one of these videos before. Apparently suffocation is a big fetish with Japanese people. I doubt the girl in the video died, but that’s definitely real panic and I believe she really is unconscious. I can’t imagine someone asking me, “So you wanna be in my new video? I’m going to suffocate you while you’re in plastic bag.”.. and me actually agreeing to it. There ain’t enough money in Japan.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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43 thoughts on “WTF: Japanese Girl Is Suffocated In Bag

  1. I saw something like this before but it was a different girl. Asian girl too but i thought she was dead but the guy “unzipped” (or whatever) the bag & she finally took a breathe. She was EXTREMELY upset but got over it quick when the guy handed her the equivalent of $200 U.S. dollars!……

  2. Thought it was the porno version of Star Whores:the Vibrator fucks Back…carbon freeze scene. She’s air sealed to be delivered to Rim Jabba the Butt(Ron Jeremy) delivered by the Bounty Cunter. May the 4th be with you.

    Also I must be getting old,the patch of pussy hair looks so sexy on her…perfect amount.???

    • She had to be brain damaged to get in that bag. OMG, that video looked and sounded like something out of the movie Invasion of the body snatchers or the Thing hatching out of a pod or some aborted crap.

  3. Japs have creepy fetishes, I saw a video one time of a store in Japan that sells used little girls panties in plastic bags, the store pays little girls to wear panties for a day or so and then not wash them and give them back to be sold to older men to sniff on, ewwww

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