Burned Body in a Barrel

Burned Body in a Barrel

No info on this one but we have two pictures here that are testament to what must have been a spectacular murder. All we see are the badly burned legs of what I assume to have once been a man, sticking out of a barrel.

I would have liked to see video to go along with this but as the song goes, “you can’t always get what you want”.

Now Gorriors, since we have no info… let your imaginations run wild coming up with this death scenario. What the fuck happened?

Props to the Pink!

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11 thoughts on “Burned Body in a Barrel

  1. This poor bastardized corpse must have really pissed someone off. I’m guessing that they shoved him in tied up and then poured in the gas and fodder. Literally lit up his life and watched his legs do a little dance before stiffing up to create a man-barrel.

  2. Why are his legs sticking straight up? Been dead for a while I guess? So it obviously wasn’t for torture methods… so what?? To get rid of evidence? Poor attempt kids. You probably could have just left his body there to get eaten by animals. Newbs… now you have a burnt body with dental records and a clear bone graph which tells gender and age. Hope he/she is homeless or irrelevant to all of you or your fucked! And their toe nails are still intact for “easy” dna. You can also get finger prints off toes btw:) bet you didn’t wipe your prints off the barrel either. If your this dumb I bet you didn’t wear gloves either… hire me you dumb csi cunts

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