Brazilian Prison Surgery

Brazilian Prison Surgery

Got a gory one here, kiddos. A man has been murdered inside a Da Silva Detention Facility and as overkill is, overkill does. The murderers hack the chest and abdomen of the victim with glee. Then one pulls out the heart of the dead man and rips it in half. Fucking brutal. I didn’t think it would be so easy to rip up a heart, but it seems to be so.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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19 thoughts on “Brazilian Prison Surgery

  1. The hearts fuck all…”people” say it’s the biggest muscle in the body! They are dumb… I’ve tasted a cow heart before…. it’s the same as liver. Very tender:) strong taste weak stomach lol. My jokes are as deep as my dick in your grandma;)

  2. They’ve OBVIOUSLY done this before.
    I don’t think i would’ve found the heart that fast. He went straight for it. He pulled it out and ripped it so effortlessly. We’re more fragile than i thought.

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