Tonsil Stones Removed From Mouth

Tonsil Stones Removed From Mouth

Happy Monday!!! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was spectacular πŸ˜€ Today’s video shows an at home removal of tonsil stones. These are calcifications formed by debris like mucus or food that become trapped in the tonsils. A lot of people have them without any symptoms but others can suffer from a sore throat, painful swallowing and bad breath. If you’ve ever smelled someone’s bad breath who suffered from tonsil stones, it’s not something you’ll forget any time soon. I always find it so incredibly satisfying when I see bad things removed from the body.

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29 thoughts on “Tonsil Stones Removed From Mouth

  1. @littlefoot
    That’s what happens when you let someone get there rocks off in your mouth and you don’t swallow ?
    But seriously, That’s fucking disgusting ?
    I didn’t even know tonsils had holes ?

  2. So should I just tell my boss that the reason why he has shit breath is because he has tonsil stones trapped in his tonsils?? No wonder people have their tonsils removed.

  3. I assume this was a female…cuz how the hell is she not gagging while touching her tonsils!?
    I once recently tried doing this to see if I had any stones and I couldn’t barely touch them using tongue depressor without gagging and eyes tearing up.
    Good choice of medical gore LF, I don’t think I have these nasty things but fuck,makes me wanna go to a dentist or throat specialist to check….and no surprise it’s common from all the bacteria and junk we put in our mouths/eat. I’m guessing Doritos and blue cheese getting stuck in holes would some awful smelling stones??

  4. I am so glad I got my tonsils out! I used to get these from time to time. Worst smell ever. The thing about bad breath is no one ever tells you about it. So you go around thinking you are fine. When actually your breath could gag a maggot.

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