Man Gets Beheaded In Public By Fat Muslim

I’m not sure where this is from but it’s likely from Syria because we know how those goatfuckers like to behead people in public. I don’t have any info on what the man who was beheaded did, but I highly doubt it was worth being beheaded over. Don’t tell me Muslims don’t eat pork because the man doing the beheading has definitely been putting the bacon cheeseburgers away. He’s pretty good at his job though. And now I want a bacon cheeseburger.. 🙁

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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14 thoughts on “Man Gets Beheaded In Public By Fat Muslim

  1. He’s such a kind and gentle killer…
    “Here buddy, let me pull your shirt back so we don’t get any blood on it.
    Now lean forward just a smidgen.
    There you go pal.
    Yes, why don’t you remove your sandals so that you are comfortable as i separate your head from your body and cause you to literally give yourself HEAD as your crotch lands on your face.
    Ok are you ready my friend?
    *pat pat….

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