Tag That Image! #17

Tag That Image! #17

Tag that image you gaggle of garrulous Gorriors! And check out last week’s winner here!


Guy – “So shall we “tie the knot”?”
Girl – “I can tie it myself! Watch this…”
Guy – “…thats not what i ment.”



“Shhhh my lips are sealed.”


“Do your lips hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? You can tie them in a knot, tie them in a bow, or sling them o’er your shoulder like a grateful soldier!”


“That is really knot attractive”

– @hfale

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55 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #17

  1. Whoever said
    Forget me knot?
    is like a limp dick
    makes my pussy
    feel not so hot
    Hello there
    Don’t sway don;t say
    forget me knot.
    tied like a noose
    around my clit
    because this slit suffers
    Like a bitch
    when it’s in heat .
    Forget me knot?
    Undo the knot
    Shove in deep and
    let it all simmer & feel
    mighty hot

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