Man with Cut Up Face Speaks in LSD to Himself

Man with Cut Up Face Speaks in LSD to Himself

Hello all. Well it would appear we are bearing witness to a man who has been touched by the Lord. He is giving us a homily of divine knowledge as he lays on a gurney, his face chopped up, blood covering him as he yammers on.

Actually, I think he is just high as shit on LSD and was admitted to the hospital after cutting his face apart. Or maybe someone else did it to him, that’s entirely possible, too.

Thanks to @mrspink and also @yournextexgirl who is helping me get my own posts out as I am currently having lap top issues (again).

15 thoughts on “Man with Cut Up Face Speaks in LSD to Himself

  1. By jeepers ! someone needs to kick his butt to bring him out of his miseries . Though he seems transcended to a lesser known world yet he doesn’t look pleased .
    He appears to have been waylaid by some Devil incarnate and there is no way he is gonna live .Die he must cause the Devil is too strong .

  2. Man whats up with the drugs in brazil? Your either getting shot 20 times in the head by gangs you owe or you get high and fuck up your own face. Lets not forget our “possesed,” brazilian friend who also shot himself in the face while yelling lucifer in the hospitol.

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