Man Hangs Himself and Baby Daughter On Facebook Live

The Facebook Live videos just keep coming. This is probably the worst one I’ve seen so far. On Monday, April 24th, 2017, a 20-year-old man named Wuttisan Wongtalay from Phuket, Thailand, took his 11-month-old baby daughter, Beta, to the roof of an abandoned hotel, turned Facebook Live on and started live streaming. The video shows the man putting a rope around his little girl’s neck and dropping her off of the roof. For a minute it looks like he is going to jump too, but he comes back up and pulls the baby back up with him and lays the dying little girl on the roof. After the video cut off.. Wongtalay ended up dropping the baby back down and jumping himself, killing them both. The mother of the girl saw the video on Facebook and reported it to police. The police found both bodies hanging from the hotel.

According to people that knew the man, they claimed his wife was cheating on him and he was terrified of her leaving or not loving him anymore. Here’s the part that pisses me off just as much as this piece of shit killing his daughter. Earlier in the day, the mother, 21-year old Jiranuch Trirat said that her husband had threatened to kill her, so she felt unsafe and left.. leaving her child with the person who would end up taking the girl’s life. Way to go, Mom.

35 thoughts on “Man Hangs Himself and Baby Daughter On Facebook Live

  1. 11 months and over a bitch?! I can’t watch this video cause I have a 6 month old baby son and I am a big pussy when it comes to babies… This man is lower than shit. I’m never buying a Thai on a rope, not anymore. I’m sticking with my Brazillians.

    • I can’t watch the baby videos either. I have a 4 year old daughter myself and I couldn’t imagine what I’d do to another person who would hurt her, much less me. Fuck that whore piece of shit that called herself a mother. I’m a father that would fight to my last dying breath for my child before I would leave her in danger. This type of shit makes me sick. I worked as a paramedic, and an emt before that, and I was always fucked up for days after seeing a child hurt or killed as a result of neglect by a parent. There have been a lot of times I wanted to choke a motherfucker to death because I saw what a vile subhuman can do to their own child. Fuck this prick! It’s a shame that he couldn’t have been revived and tortured to death over and over again.

  2. This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Why do these fuckers take their anger and hurt out on innocent people? Especially their god damn kids. All because this little bitch couldn’t handle his girl not loving him. Cry me a fucking river. And I agree nextie, that mother is a fucking moron for not taking her baby with her after he threatened to kill her. These two didn’t deserve that sweet little baby.

  3. So wich version is the real one? His, hers, or both? I want to believe he had to have a strong reason to do so, taking both his and his daughter’s life. It kinda looks like he regretted that at first in the begining… 😐 But once he saw the daughter already dead, there was nothing else to do, so he just said “Phuket…”. 😆

  4. Another spin on this would be the poor person to have found them first, you wouldn’t ever be able to get that picture out of your head ever! Truly saddened for the baby, how the baby looked and touched her daddy leg at the start and looked at him he still carried it out, this is the worst I’ve seen ever.

  5. I can comprehend why someone chooses suicide. I lost my sister to it. But I will never understand how people decide to take the lives of children. Especially their own. Young children look at their parents with total trust and affection, and I can’t fathom taking the life of someone so dependant and Inn ocent.

  6. Sweet little child
    You know nothing
    About a cold world outside
    You’re too young to realize
    What he wants from you tonight

    Poor little girl
    There is no one
    You can trust in the world
    In the darkness of the night
    What he’s doing is a crime

    Your mother denies
    There’s a problem
    She’s looking away
    She does wanna hear you cry
    She won’t pray
    That it’s over for a while
    Ahh Poor little child ya looked so cute to the eyes
    Forgive the bastards ye were born to now you’re with the Lord
    May your angelic soul forever rest in peace.

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