Brazilian on a Rope is Executed

Brazilian on a Rope is Executed

We now present to you the latest trend on the Brazilian market – the Brazilian on a Rope! These men are filming themselves enjoying theirs! See him put on his knees and then popped once in the head. But we know how these gangstas roll, there’s no such thing as one bullet in Brazil. And that’s right! Watch him get lifted back up and shot in the face again. Look at all the blood trickling down! That’s right, kids, there’s no limit to what you can do with your Brazilian on a Rope! Shoot’em, Burn’em, run’em over, submerge them in water and watch him bloat!

Each Brazilian on a Rope comes with rope and 4.7 litres of blood for you to expel any way your twisted little heart desires. Available in a variety of skin tones and hair styles. Collect them all, only at RiGOREtoys!

Thanks, @mrspink.

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8 thoughts on “Brazilian on a Rope is Executed

    Those executioners seem like puppeteers dangling their puppet to a rope wanting having endless fun .
    The puppet infact was so pissed up that he wanted himself shot dead immediately and the killers wasted no time obliging him.
    Looks like times are a changing and every Brazilian has an itch to be a hangman lately …………
    its gallows time babe ! Now the Killer bikers can take a back seat and a long breather .

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