Man Gets Help After Shredding Groin

Man Gets Help After Shredding Groin

Nasty road accidents leaves a man with his legs and groin shredded into bloody bits. Luckily for him, some bystanders who witnessed the accident help him. They carry him down the road and into some sort of taxi vehicle to take him to get medical attention. Anyone else want to see someone take a handful of salt and rub it up and down that leg, or am I just feeling extra sadistic tonight?

Thanks to @mrspink!

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10 thoughts on “Man Gets Help After Shredding Groin

  1. I gotta admit, when i read “groin” in the title and saw the pic, i thought this dude was hung like a horse. The leg hanging down looks like a giant penis ???

  2. Why em guys fucking having no self control wanting to take to the bikes when all they keep thinking & feeling themselves is to end up in shreds & bits .
    cause this accursed life of theirs they can’t handle and poison comes dearer by the day .
    BTW its great to be a speed merchant and lose a chunk & debilitate sorry arse life.

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