Doo Doo Delivery

Doo Doo Delivery

So in last week’s Medical Monday we had a strange object removed from a man’s anus. This week we have something perfectly normal removed from a man’s intestines only it’s fucking huge. This is a 27 year old man who had been suffering constipation for 10 YEARS! He came in complaining of stomach pain and an X-ray showed his heart had shifted because his colon was so packed with poo. This wasn’t his first trip to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain but doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Not sure how the hell they couldn’t see the man was full of shit during his previous visit. So the surgeons open him up and remove 11 pounds of feces. Let me repeat that….11 pounds!! Be sure to say thank you to the Fecal Gods today when you drop the kids off at the pool and everything goes swimmingly.

A big thank you to Mr. @gorycory !!!!

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36 thoughts on “Doo Doo Delivery

  1. He was pregnant of a little nigglet after all… 😆

    When the doctor told the surgeons that he was “full of shit”, they thought he was joking with them and shrugged it off… thats why they took a while to book him for the operation room untill they sorted that confusion out. 😛

  2. Are you shittin’ me?!… that’s fuckin nasty. Like someone else mentioned,he musta stunk like shit when ever he opened his mouth,and had a stench coming out his pores. Wouldn’t ya know something’s not right if you dint shit for 1 month,or 1 year, let alone 10 years! Scary to imagine pain carrying all that fecal weight,stress on rectum and bowels for so long. ?
    Tho would be cool if human body only had to have bowel movement once a month,instead of everyday.

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