Brazilian’s Head Opened Up by Barrage of Gunfire

Victim's Head Opened Up

A man identified as Jhony Bravo Pereira was sitting and chatting with some men when suddenly two others armed with handguns rush up and open fire on Jhony. His friends flee without a scratch and without any mind paid to them by either of the killers. Their sole target and only interest was the man in the chair, Jhony. Round after round is fired into the man’s head and then the two flee, possibly on a motorcycle. No info on what the reason for the hit may have been or if the killers have been caught.

The end result makes it look more like Jhony was hit point blank with a 12 gauge. Head opened up, brains leaked out of his head. Brutal homicide. Video of the murder is included but warning, you may get a stiff neck watching it.

Props to Pinky!

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16 thoughts on “Brazilian’s Head Opened Up by Barrage of Gunfire

  1. Johnny Bravo was fucking me
    chat we did but we were three
    Mercury rose to a fair degree
    but the killer let the other two flee
    I didn’t do nothing didn’t ya see
    Bullets to the head that was bloody me
    How many times I gotta tell ya
    Felled like a tree was Johnny Bravo
    The ass hole and that was me

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