Female’s Legs Shredded by Truck

Female's Legs Shredded by Truck

Hello, Gorriors! Truck accident left a woman with her lower half shredded and ripped and mangled and whatever other adjectives you can think of. She’s shown to still be conscious underneath the vehicle but is clearly suffering some serious shock. Another woman is shown dead on the road next to a bike. Her head crushed and splattered onto the street, popped like a zit. But the main focus is that delicious street pizza.

Props to @mrspink!


So short it’s not really worth giving it its own post, plus I don’t have any information to go with it anyway. But one giant ass cleaver is shown sticking out of a man’s gut as he is wheeled away by a procession of Asians (is that raysis?).

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12 thoughts on “Female’s Legs Shredded by Truck

  1. Wow! For real “cleaved in twain” times two! We don’t get those nearly often enough! It’s among my favorite phrases for the occasional death. That’s the kind of variety that keeps one going, you know?

    There will be many more of these “Hero”-ic accidents including such epic mayhem, I promise. The math, unlike these unfortunate folks, doesn’t lie. 😛

    When I see such carnage, I’m in the traffic the accident caused, enjoying the interior of my vehicle and the limited view of the other vehicles around me, but that’s beside the point. I’m usually reminded of those who believe remains should be “treated with professionalism and respect”. Right. Get the extra large snow shovel and plastic bags! We’re having a hoedown! 😆

  2. End result is always brutal when Scooterette or a bike is ridden by a madster .
    Were the duo ensemble going just whiskers away neck to neck next to the giant truck and caused a self accident or was it the truck driver who thought the ladies lives don’t matter much .IDK but the carnage is brutal and the one alive has bleak hopes with her stabbing gasps and
    occasional breaths leaving her to drift between life and death .
    She may join her other mate soon who is dead already.

    The bonus video has the butcher himself who cleaved himself
    mistakenly thinking he was a cow himself

  3. Accident victims are always such a waste of perfectly good citizens. I would rather see videos of drug cartel criminals killing one another. Best is when there are more than one in the que to be killed, and they’re watching their buddies get chopped up, tortured, chainsawed, beheaded or simply getting their manhood cut off and given away to strangers in the crowd.

    Remember the two Mexicans who were beheaded with a chainsaw?

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