Tag That Image! #16

Tag That Image! #16

Tag that image, Gorriors! And check out last week’s winner here!


“As a werewolf I have to self medicate, I would rather look like Chewbacca and George Lucas had a baby than hurt anyone. Coors Silver Bullet, you got the right beer now.”


“I was a furry before it was even cool!” – @derkopfsammler

“Hey, you wanna see my Tribbles?” – @deathoverdue

“So I saw this add on the internet for really cheap testosterone…”

44 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #16

  1. “JoJo the dog-faced boy all grown up”. Dude, at least trim it up a little, girls are grossed out by a little back hair, but this is giving up and letting yourself go.

  2. Whaddya know ? all these hair on my body are my pubes and I don’t care how and why its there . Tell ya what , Chicks hate me but the guys love me because of the way I am .
    Ahhhhhhhhh my dick hurts but still ya gonna see me shagging .
    Its NO NO to chicks but WELCOME to gays .

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