Night of the Living Spaghetti

Night of the Living Spaghetti

A person having surgery to remove something from their eye. At first the doctor swabs the area of the eye with a Q-tip and I’m curious to see what is going on so I continue to watch, knowing that something gross must be about to happen. After a time, tweezers are applied to the eye and the thin membrane is peeled back. The tweezers dig in and hook something…

The doc then pulls it out, and out… and out. A true spaghetti monster, possibly the loa loa parasite which is transmitted via mango flies in Africa. They live in the skin and travel around quite a bit, causing insane itching episodes when they do. Many times, they aren’t discovered until they decide to make a trek over the eyes of their hosts. I imagine it is quite uncomfortable to be infected with this parasite but looks pretty bad ass nonetheless.

Props to the Pink!

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20 thoughts on “Night of the Living Spaghetti

  1. He had them for long enough and he doesn’t have any reason to complain cause he will find his visions improved also he will be able to mend and sew clothes whenever there is a black out beside he will have no problems groping tits in the dark.

    Those migrating worms in his eye sockets are his vision mates with them needing no passport to move around freely in that river of peripheral blood and he is glad he has them.

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